Tending to a person with an illness

It was my sister’s words many moons ago, when we were young mothers, that brought something important to my attention. When her son was ill, she gently suggested to him: your body is not feeling well. You are okay. It was a masterly statement to detach from the body’s pain in order to help in its healing. Many moons later, when I am older and so are my mothers, this is once again coming to mind.

I’ve been with both my mother and mother-in-law while they are hospitalized, one in India, the other in the U.S. For a while the primary caregiving was mine, which gave me the opportunity to interact with many levels of hospital functioning. Nowdays, I’m with my mother-in-law while she’s hospitalized for various ailments. One of the first consequences of being in hospital is the depersonalization of the person. The moment someone is called a patient and laid on a hospital bed, the nurses and doctors have placed them in a situation where they are helpless, where their feelings and emotions are kept at bay, and they are treated as – pardon the word that’ll come to your mind when I describe it – persons of supremely low intelligence.

This is the time for a holistic healer to spring into action. This is not to heal just the patient’s body ailments, but to help bring their multi-dimensional energy into the picture. The aura around the person has to radiate healing, so that the body, which has received constant barrage of imbalanced energies which brought the person to a hospital, can begin to heal.

Universal healing energies of different vibrations flow into the situation as they are present even before the ailment begins to show itself.  Reiki and other healing energies will help to manifest holistic healing. There may be a therapist or healer who will appear, or a relative or even a stranger who helps the ailing person.illustration-15[1]

As my mothers are elderly, I have had the opportunity of being with them in some of the best hospitals and nursing homes, and these are some observations as a daughter-daughter in law- Reiki healer- Sujok therapist……

An elderly lady in a hospital, treated by doctors for body ailments, can quickly begin to lose her smile. Nurses, aides, attendants cannot see her as a person with ailments to be treated with respect and attention; they see only the ailments. Sometimes, it is only the cleaning staff that connects personally to the patient, or if we are lucky, a personal nurse or attendant. That is why it is important not to leave the person alone in a hospital and many hospitals are realizing this, not being able to provide personal attention to patients in their set-up. Even if the personal attendant is a stranger dedicated to the person, it is better than there being no one else. We never know how we will meet the people we are meant to meet in this lifetime.

The light healer can quickly help to begin healing at the auric level. Distant or remote healing circles can begin to beam healing – this in itself will raise their consciousness, and help to bring healing to the healer and receiver.

As a Sujok therapist, one of the most important roles is to help the person to regain their smile, knowing that the components of smile impact the body, mind, life and soul. Just a few simple mudras, mantras, touch on hand, massage on correspondences with or without colour are very helpful. The hospital staff is not troubled by these forms of external healing, and the person regains their smile.

First, the smile appears, then the ailments can disappear. It is not the other way around.

When smile appears, the presence of metaphysical, subtle healing energies is more clearly seen, not only by the ‘patient’, but also by the attendants, other patients and their attendants,  doctors, nurses and other hospital staff, visitors and so on. As the energy radiates outward, the presence of one elderly lady in a hospital bed can become not an additional burden on the world, but a source of great joy.

Be a healer dear friend. Learn, absorb, experience, radiate. Flow into universal energy. Become a Sujok therapist. Heal self and others. For as we already know, there is no other. We are all One-Self.

Thanks deeply to Sensei Mikao Usui who brought Reiki to this world, to those who channel it into this world, to Prof. Park, Jae Woo and all the Sujok therapists, teachers, and mentors who help to spread this natural, beautiful healing in this world by bringing healing to our own hands.

“Meenakshi,” asks my mother-in-law, as she lies in the hospital bed, surrounded by the visiting hospital staff. Her twinkling eyes belie the ailments of the body: ” Tell me again so that I can remember.” She touches her finger-tips in turn, something her stiff hands could not do a few days ago, and we go over the Creation mudra-mantra. Um Ah Oh Eh. I note the times at which she can do them and the ones when she forgets. She is the one who encouraged me to learn Sujok therapy when I felt there was  not need to learn something more, already being an energy healer. She is now getting the benefit of something she herself set into motion. Isn’t life wonderful? We really can never help just ourselves. Those twinkling eyes, those knarled hands in the smile mudra, show that to me. And the visiting doctors and nurses watch us bemused as the consultant discusses with them the next steps of treatment.

There was a time when healing was felt to be in the hands of highly evolved beings, trained medicine men or medical doctors. This is a time when we know that healing is in our own hands. Who is tending to the person with an illness? Their own hands through which they can reach out for help and touch for self-help.


~ Meenakshi Suri

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2 thoughts on “Tending to a person with an illness

  1. Ah Meenakshi, this is a beautiful piece. How I wish I had thought of mudras when Al was in hospital. I am going to use this smile mudra on myself, while I continue healing post-surgery for menicus=tear surgery…what a difference I feel when I just let go of tension when doing my exercises, stopping the expectation and just let my body do its work. Life is a beautiful miracle filled with radiant angel-energy. I embrace it all fully. Cheers


  2. Dearest Kane, I never forget that you taught me Qigong that helped me so remarkably. This creation mudra is really powerful as it is a moving mudra. You bring in spiral energies by touching first your little finger and sound Um; then the index finger and sound Ah; then the ring finger and sound Oh; then the middle finger and sound Eh.
    This brings the spiral, smile, creation energy.


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