Red, white & blue…with green and gold

As I look at the sunlight streaming through the trees, such a clear message is seen: red, blue and white all encased in the harmonizing Neutro energy of green. With Divine golden light.

We are all one. How can we not feel one another’s joy or one another’s pain?

Golden light of Divine Will shines for harmony

In the world today, as a result of the US elections that many around the world were watching, there is deep relief and happiness. or deep sadness, and anger. I see it in the messages received from many places. We are all empathic, and we feel one another. So, the happiness is tinged with hurting the ones who lost, and the sadness is tinged with hating the ones who won. The expressions as shown in media – I can see the pain of divisiveness being expressed.

In splitting ourselves, we injure ourselves. Why hurt ONEself?
Be gracious in the vagaries of this world. What we lose is not someone we vote for, but our own peace. What we win is not someone we vote for, but our own graciousness.

And now, the work begins. Not just for the elected, but for those who elected them. Not just for the not-elected, but the ones who voted for them. Are we ready to heal, to see that we need to work together? To cocreate a world that benefits all beings?

Are we ready to grow up?

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