Return To Gaia/ March 11 2017

Remember our Vasant Spring Retreat last year? This year was even more wonderful, because the children joined us.  Many human and celestial events synchronized: Spring Forward, Full Moon, Holi, the bEARTH anniversary of the founder of the most inclusive, natural, wholistic healing system: Sujok.

We spent a day as one family of Mother Earth, with  dancing, healing, initiation, meditation, prayer, play & rest, following the Triorigin Functional Order [ Neuto-Hetero-Neutro-Homo]

Neuto-UM or Soul smile: Munay-ki healer’s rite and Despacho ceremony offered by Laura Tellez and Maria Kowalski

Then some Hetero/ Ah or individual time when people collected and made the Earth Mandalas, and then meditated with them.

Neutro – Eh- or life smile: communal, nutritious meal cooked by Reiki Master chefs, Rocio Sarmiento and Nina Molina .

Then Oh – Homo- yoga nidra, with Professor Park Jae Woo’s origin smile image. We woke from the yoga nidra with singing the Triorigin Creation mantra. Um~ Ah~ Oh~ Eh.

Then it was time for Sujok therapy class,  joyful twist walking, and smile taiji.Gaia called us for the gratitude lotus, just as the Full Moon made her appearance, in rose pink loving light. As it turned dark, we gathered around the fire for letting go of toxic energies, singing and prayer.


Dear friends

Thank you for Springing Forward with us, by participating in a Return to Gaia! Being in sacred space together with the children in a beautiful natural environment was very profound.

We dearly enjoyed sharing the Munay Kiinititation, as they will help each one of us connect in a deeper and in a more meaningful way to Mother Nature and to our own inner self.

Please feel free to reach Laura or María in case you have any questions regarding the rites or to share experiences during or after the event. 

We ask you to acknowledge that what you graciously received is also a responsibility to tend to the well-being of Mother Nature showing kindness and respect with our actions and words to all living beings.

Know that this special initiation has been handed down from very ancient sages from the Peruvian spiritual lineage called the Q’eros, which is now available to you for your growth in all aspects of your life. You can connect with them and know that you will never walk alone. Here is a video of our teacher Don Francisco Chura Flores, doing his prayer in Quechua, honoring the directions, the Apus (spirit of the mountains), the continents, the spiritual sages Pampa Mesayoks… If you want to know more about Don Francisco, here is another video.

Please refer to this  video if you need a reminder of how to offer the Healer’s rite to others. It features Marcela Villalobos who has been walking with these rites for many years and who handed them down to our teacher, Malieokalani.

We are offering the Munay -ki rites with Maria and Laura to deepen our  connection to Gaia, and the natural,wholistic system of Sujok therapy and Smile Taiji with Meenakshi to bring Gaia’s smile into our mind, body and life. 🙏 We will send a separate email with information on our upcoming workshops. Please involve your children in your journey. 

How wonderfully they joined in the Despacho and gratitude lotus ceremonies, for gratitude is natural and healing to us all. It was lovely to have family’sparticipate in this retreat! Having children flow in and out and activities following their internal compass and cultivating this important skill. They had time for self-directed play and discovery as well as some more structured activities. Children took part in team building games. They were carefully selected and mindfully facilitated by Laura with the intention to create a space where they could experience and learn from each other: effective ways of communication, how to work together as a team and how to cultivate positive group dynamics, all in the midst of play. It was a blessing to have children be part of our sacred space that day and we hope to keep creating more spaces for families to cultivate the love for nature. Until then, we encourage you to take your children outside, plant a garden or keep some plants around, watch wildlife, journal and draw with them. All of this will allow their connection to the environment to become stronger.

For wonderful and simple ideas to do with your kids in nature please read this post we loveBringing ourselves and our children closer to nature may seem like a challenge today, but it is through this very special connection that we develop a sense of ownership in order to become her guardians… Children will benefit in so many ways by being in nature and we will be very happy to allow and witness it.

Everyday at 9:09 in the morning or evening, or at any convenient time, let us renew our love and gratitude by returning to Gaia: Mother Earth and all beings. Sense the thousands all over the world who are with us. Please share this message with all. Gaia is calling.

As we spring forward through this year, let us deepen our connection with the many new forms of self-awareness that we encountered. We have noted your interest in our offering, and will be happy to invite you to our events in a separate email.

We hope to see you again very soon! With love and gratitude,

Laura, Maria and Meenakshi


The Invitation


Hosted by Gaia and her children.


Gaia: the consciousness of  Mother Earth and all beings, sentient and insentient.

A journey into the wholeness of ourselves
~ Connection with Pachamama/ Mother Nature
~ Play in the elements of Mother Earth
~ Dance, taichi, meditate, make music together
~ Be initiated into a powerful ancient chamanic Munay-Ki Healers Rite & Despacho ceremony from Peru

– Celebrate the Indian festival of Holi in a unique way, releasing sluggish energy into the sacred fire, so the colors of spring can enter our lives.
~ Lean and experience the 6-ki of nature, that helps to heal any part of your body from its reflection on our hands and feet. (Sujok, a gift of Creator Spirit for a smile life on earth)
Location – La Chakana, a farm sanctuary in Homestead.
Hosts – Maria Kowalski, Munay-Ki rites lineage and Laura Tellez
Meenakshi Suri – Reiki Master, Magnussa Phoenix, Sujok healer
See you there!🌷
or Meetup

Welcome, Awakening one!

On the day of Full Moon the Indian festival of Holi, and the birth anniversary of the founder of one of the most inclusive, natural healing and enlightenment systems of this age, this retreat will help us to Spring Forward the next day by revealing the power of our prayer, the strength of our energy, the deep spring of joy within us.

It is a day for our inner light to shine through mind, body, life, soul in the presence of Reiki Masters, Munay-Ki rite givers and Sujok healers who will host, teach, heal, guide and feed sattvik food for all: light food cooked with love. We improve our ability to heal self and others, connect more harmoniously  with the world, and better able to help improve the lives of self and others.

An experience of Gaia in mind, body, spirit, life.
Spring  Forward  by revealing the power of our prayer, the strength of our energy, the deep spring of joy within us.
. Ceremonies and wisdom of Peru, India, China.On the day of Full Moon and the Indian festival of Holi, this re-TREAT will help us connect to Gaia: our Mother Earth and all beings.

🙏Meenakshi, Maria & Laura and our team of healers invite you to our new spring retreat

Meenakshi Suri is a Sujok Healer, Reiki Master, Smile Taiji and meditation coach from India, living in Miami. Meenakshi shares a weekly Tuesday circle in South Miami where she teaches these powerful healing modalities in the spirit of One Light Many Windows, to bring people into wholeness. “My passion is to help individual and group movements to self-unfoldment to benefit Gaia, our Mother Earth and all beings.”. She and her husband are happy parents of two.

Multi-talented Maria Kowalski, bilingual in Spanish and English, Munay Ki Rites practitioner, created La Musa TV..A happy mother. and devoted daughter, she shares her love of nature, music and dance in her healing sessions and ceremonies with that inner child within all.

Laura Téllez will share the Munai Ki Healers rite initiation and the Despacho ceremony  Laura has a M.S in Ecological Leadership and Education from Lesley University and more than 10 years of experience in environmental education, community building, experiential education and program development. She has taught in the United States, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama and Colombia and connected thousands of students to Nature. Additionally, she is a yoga teacher, medical gigong practitioner, wilderness first responder, enthusiast herbalist and holder of the Munai-Ki 9 rites of initiation.