My Journey

I am inspired and driven by expansion and connection : of ourselves to ourSelf, to Gaia, the oneness of all on Mother Earth. Every day we connect in sync and with smile to the allness, in a Gaia Minute. As my consciousness unfolds, I connect to the light of the metaphysical, physical, emotional and virtual dimensions. ~Meenakshi Suri

Usui Reiki Master Teacher ~ attune to the Universal Energy, self awareness, help to heal self and others
SuJok therapy ISA Certified Lecturer ~ find your inner smile with physical and mental well being. Certification classes or self-healing workshop
Hoop Reiki Master ~ align your energies to your Divine Purpose. Ceremonies and certification
Magnussa Phoenix ~ access Atlantean healing to evolve your energy signature
Spacial Light Master ~ enhance sense of well-being and love

Meenakshi Suri

Masters in Psychology, DIISc in Management, Certified Usui Reiki Master, Hoop Reiki Master, Certified Sujok Lecturer- Therapist, Magnified Healing, Magnussa Phoenix, Spacial Light Master, meditation guide, Mentor, Writer, Blogger

Life Member of International Sujok Association
Co-ordinator for global movements Gaia Minute and Hourly.Universal.Global.Sync.
Co-Librarian of One Light Many Windows online libraries
Convenor of TeamSync for Hourly Universal Global Sync

As a child, I spent my free time in nature, dreamed of being an astronaut in the vastness of space, and thought I’d like to be a teacher or a librarian, floating like a cloud through life.  As I grew I realized I was out of sync with the world, that my dreams were not of this world, that the philosophies that thrilled me were not shared by my peers, and the ones I wanted to re-learn were not available, hidden behind secret societies or unreachable libraries. I dove into life as a wife, householder, a researcher, a mother, and each of these helped me to expand, yet none could assuage the deep inner pain until I experienced the indescribable joy of unconditional love after a period of intense meditation, Reiki and metaphysical study.

My yearning for lifelong study was fulfilled by the magical dawning of the internet; my loneliness of mind helped by the meeting of souls through social media; yet I still floated, deeply earthed and expanded, until one day, smile entered my life through Sujok. That was the third prong of the plug of my life. The ground.  You’ve finally come down to earth, a student-turned-friend commented. Perhaps the earth has risen to meet me, I felt, somewhat arrogantly.

Today, I feel that all my dreams have come true, but not in the way I visualized. As a woman I experienced much of the pain that so many I have since met, have faced. I have now experienced joys that I hope all can feel.  Mother Earth has revealed her Gaia consciousness to me, and I feel a calling to help people to commit to awake to the rising smile consciousness within them, within the world.

I have accepted the need to share the messages with all who are open and seeking the gifts I can share with them. I am fortunate that my mission is not to persuade, but to inform – what you seek is available, it will meet you where you are, and rather than giving up anything, will help you to embrace all that you know you are, and that you have still to discover about yourself. For we are together on a journey whence we arose, and it is a journey to wholeness. Where will we go from here? Where will we radiate?

In-depth experience in corporate, family and spiritual life spanning three continents has given Meenakshi a unique insight and skills in relating to the essence of different people.

Certification classes, healing sessions, workshops
For Children, Teens, Grown-ups, Senior Execs and Corporations
In-person sessions or distance/remote sessions by skype, phone


This month’s sessions – please contact for Reiki, Sujok and meditation circles

In-depth experience in corporate, family and spiritual life spanning three continents has given me a unique insight and ways of relating to people.

I am fully committed to serving the world by helping those who reach out to live in a healthy, happy, self-empowered way.

I walk with you

When you reach out 
In faith, hope, trust.
We journey together
Ready to open – fly free
‘Til we find the self within
Shining its light in this world.
Self is healer, Self receiver
Self is channel, Self the watcher
Self smiles, laughs, senses, feels and acts in this world
In the still center of silence, Self is Love
~ meenakshiღ

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