Vasant Spring Retreat

Become aware of the self…it is a wonderful play. Self knowing self.

Some photos of Vasant, our Spring Retreat. It was all about getting to know what’s in the wind – it’s spring after all, powered by the wind energy. We introduced Sujok, Smile, Smile Taiji or Samwongong, crystals, affirmative intentions, nutrition, playfulness, sprouted grams, and the wind – it played with us! WINDY day.

I wore the colors of the heart chakra, whose unconditional love spreads freely with the wind. Anahata ~ unbound, unfettered. It evoked the green color that energizes the organs related to the wind energy – liver and gall bladder. Fresh food , clean air, perfect day.

We are all blessed by Gaia, our Mother Earth and all beings. Many thanks to the hosts Rocio and Erich who prepare a beautiful healing space, with home-cooked meals. Many thanks to Nina, and Teresita who presented, and Veronica who helped more than I can say. And Estefania and Teresita’s dad – many bows and thanks for the photos.

Thanks to Sesnsei Usui who showed us that we are Reiki, to Eli, Swami Shraddhananda who brought the message we call the Gaia Minute, to  Professor Park jae Woo who showed us the wonderfulness of life on earth, and to all those unnamed but deeply known.

That’s all for now folks. Stay tuned for classes coming up to go deeper into what you experienced. After we play and refresh and come into the world, we learn, and the mind expands further.

In loving light






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