Distance / Remote Healing Sessions

Distance or remote healing sessions are of two types:

  • Both healer and receiver are together on a skype or phone call. These are held with you in your own home or chosen place and the healer in theirs.  A time and duration are set up when both will be available. After the session, both share and give feedback, to close the cycle of healing.
  • Receiver requests healing which is given whenever the healer is able to. This is in etheric space and can be received at a time convenient to you. There may or may  not be feedback or email connection between healer and receiver following the healing.

For a distance session, please ensure that you feel you are in a safe, sacred space, that you will not be interrupted by your own physical needs or internet, and that you have given yourself the time required before and after the session. Keep a glass of water to drink after the session.

These sessions can be used for individuals, couples, families or groups, for events in the past, present or future [all in the ever-present NOW], for self or others. The healer will always ask the higher self of the receiver if the healing is welcome. In any case, the receiver’s higher self is in charge for the time and choice of receiving the healing.

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