In-person: Find your Smile Essence™ healing sessions

Sessions begin with a brief discussion to understand your needs and goals, assessment and explanation of the healing modalities used. (Times shown below are indicative. As each session is intuitively guided, it can take more or less time. Please inform me if time is of the essence). These are non-religious but in deeply sacred space.

De-stressing session – 1 hour (Reiki, smile meditation)

Emotional clearing and balancing1 hour

Re-balancing energies ( “chakra balancing”) – 1 -2 hours

Cranial lightwork sessions for deeper exploration, clearing and transformation of imprints and energy blocks- 2 -3 hours. In blocks of 3 sessions.

Body ailments session – 1 – 2 hours (Sujok therapy, Reiki)- the first session is usually 1 1/2 -2 hours. Subsequent sessions 1/2- 1 hr. In blocks of 3 sessions.

Recovery from surgery or other interventions.

Unexplained ailments and imbalances (Smile scan, Reiki, Sujok, Triorigin healing)

Learn to meditate (Triorigin smile meditation, Smile Meditation with mudras and mantras, Moving meditation, Reiki meditation for Reiki healers)

For individuals, couples, families or groups. 

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How can I benefit from a Smile Essence™ Healing Session?

  • A healing session is for the whole person and this way it can help with specific physical or emotional issues.
  • Help you to de-stress.
  • Regular de-stressing is the key to a healthier life
  • Help to enhance your work
  • Help you to enhance the benefits of meditation or other spiritual practice

What does a Smile Essence™ Healing Session feel like?

Imagine entering a space that has been specially prepared to receive you.
It has been cleared of harmful energies, infused with harmonious sound, smell, sights. There is a comfortable place for you to sit or lie down, with a practitioner, who has prepared herself to receive you, listen to your concerns, and then provide healing energies for you.
Following their inner guidance, the practitioner gives you a healing experience designed just for you.
You wouldn’t be far from thinking you’re in a soft cloud of comfort and nurture!

A healing session is as individual as the recipient and the practitioner through whom the healing flows.
You are fully clothed, though you may need to remove footwear (socks are acceptable), You may sit at a chair or lie down on a Reiki table.
The healer places hands a little above the body , at various points.

A healing session is relaxing and energizing, for mind, body and spirit. The practitioner creates an environment in which healing energies can enter and work perceptibly. Recipient and practitioner alike, feel honored and re-balanced.