Growing as Children and Adults

We Grow as a Whole: not in Parts

Child experts tell us that children grow in an
inter-related way.They grow physically, emotionally, intellectually, socially… Some aspects of development take precedence
in influencing others: emotional development is one.

A child who is disturbed emotionally may well seem to be
intellectually and socially challenged even if tests
reveal high IQ.

Virginia Axline’s book described this well.”Dibs: in search of self“.

Are some developments more crucial than others?

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Children grow naturally, in an un-self-conscious manner; as adults, we change; but if we want to grow and develop, this needs to be planned, and can be self-conscious.

As adults, we’re growing too, but in less organised ways.
We grow in-depth rather than in an easily observable way.

We sometimes forget that we need to keep growing!

But in any case, change in one aspect will influence change
in others. For instance, growing into healthy physical habits will
influence feelings of well-being and intellectual functioning.

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How do you try to keep growing?
If we don’t control our own growing, will we grow imperfectly?

Anuradha writes: For me, growing would mean an increased awareness about the wonders around me. It may be the scent of Mogra flowers in summer, or the beautiful little seeds inside a melon. It may be the music of the waves hitting the shore. Especially looking up on a clear night, the millions of stars always makes me realize how small I am in this universe. To help myself grow I try to listen more to the sounds of nature. This connection with nature helps me feel good about myself. I try to learn more about people- maybe try a new way of cooking or may be some insight from a novel based in a particular country. Just keeping that curiousity alive helps.

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