Meenakshi’s Mission

My mission is to help you to connect  to a rich source of healing, happiness, freedom: to yourself.If you are seeking to find your purpose in life, I can help you. If you are seeking a support for blaming the world for your problems, I cannot.

This journey can be peaceful, miraculous, amazing, of acceptance and release,  a journey of self-discovery,  acknowledging that your smile essence lies within your happiness and sadness, in laughter and tears, in joy and anger, in a way that helps you and the world.

Namaste. Smile, and unfold to yourSelf. We can journey together as I help to facilitate this process. Learn. Grow. Heal. Unfold.

You can receive self-awareness healing sessions.

You can attend certification courses in Reiki or Sujok therapy, or

Workshops to learn about the light age, self-healing, crystals, and more.


Welcome to the beauty of your own being.
Welcome to health, abundance and well-being that is natural to you.
Your inner  light, the smile essence,  has guided you here.
You are ready to take a leap in your journey.

My students, clients and mentees are of all ages and many countries from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, El Salvador, Guatemala, India, Korea, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Spain, USA, Venezuela – we are truly all one light from many windows.

Sessions of healing, mentoring and learning are intuitively customized to your needs. You will be involved in deciding: individual/ group session, meditation, ceremony, Reiki, Sujok, workshop or certification classes. Each session  helps to connect you to your own inner guide, strengthen your own inner healer.


Healing Modalities

Workshops in work-home-life balance, self-confidence, and teamwork are also available.


Meenakshi Suri           M.A. Psychology, Management, Certified Usui   Reiki Master, Hoop Reiki Master, Certified Sujok lecturer-therapist, Magnussa Phoenix, Mentor

With formal training and initiation in worldly subjects and frequencies of light, I can help you on your journey to self-empowerment, to choose what is needed for the next phase in your life. I share what I have directly experienced and absorbed, and can help you to find your own inner guru, the guiding light.

Let your consciousness expand. Explore your inner-verse: the body temple, and out to the universe.  I was blessed to receive the message of the Gaia Minute  which showed me that Gaia is the consciousness of Mother Earth and all beings.
~Meenakshi Suri


You’re ready to fulfill your passion. Follow your dream. Find your purpose.
You are ready to smile even at what bothers you
To acknowledge the aspects that are not smiling, and upgrade your consciousness to live with greater awareness.
You are ready to laugh and be joyful just because you’re alive
To be happy for no apparent reason
Your own inner healer brings you here, guiding you to seek a way out of feeling unfulfilled or confused, lonely or lost, stressed or simply overwhelmed.
In your path through life, these are opportunities to re-connect to yourself, bringing your physical and subtler body into a more healing balance.
In the tremendously transformative times we live in, let us connect to expand into all the dimensions which call out to us.

Sharing gifts with each other, we journey in wholeness.

Blessings abound when we connect in healing

I walk with you

When you reach out 
In faith, hope, trust.
We journey together
Ready to open – fly free
‘Til we find the self within
Shining its light in this world.
Self is healer, Self receiver
Self is channel, Self the watcher
Self smiles, laughs, senses, feels and acts in this world
In the still center of silence, Self is Love
~ meenakshiღ

This is where you find your IKIGAI ~ the purpose that helps you wake up with a smile in the morning.This is a journey to yourSelf.


Connect with your heart, connect with  your soul, and connect with a friend who can  guide you to new places and insights, to see life from a new perspective.
It is an honor to connect with you in light as we journey to wholeness.
Meenakshi Suri