Be a Healer (Courses and Certifications)

Sharing gifts with one another, we journey into wholeness.
Blessings abound when we connect in healing.

You can receive self-awareness healing sessions.
You can attend certification courses in Reiki or Sujok therapy, or
Workshops to experience and learn the tools for the light age: self-healing, crystals, dreaming, consciousness, origin smile, and more.

My students, clients and mentees are of all ages and many countries from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, India, Korea, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Spain, USA, Venezuela – we are truly all one light from many windows.

Sessions of healing, mentoring and learning are intuitively customized to your needs. You will be involved in deciding: individual/ group session, meditation, ceremony, Reiki, Sujok, workshop or certification classes. Each session  helps to connect you to your own inner guide, strengthen your own inner healer.

As you learn to heal others, you grow even more strongly into self-healing.