Thank you deeply to all who take the time to give their gift of words, provide feedback and testimonials.  Together, we are on a journey to wholeness. And a silent thank you to those who thanked me without words!

Healing Session

Good morning 😃 I sleep 💤 like a fat baby 👶 all night long , No headache , thank you so much , for your wonderful healing God bless you in all the directions of your life today and always🦋🦋 ~ Nina

I was praying for about five months to get well after I suffered for thyroid cancer and got a surgery, but to get my health didn’t come….each day even in little things were a big challenge for me. Since I was meeting with Meenakshi the daily life has been changing. It is good for me to walk up and sown the stairs, and I can cook for my family, get more energy and mainly, I feel new good things are coming to my life, not only in my body but in my spirit too. Thank you, for your support and help to me.` J

Sujok Certification Workshops

Wonderful course with hand-on experience and book knowledge. Great setting and comfortable environment. I feel confident to give Sujok to others ~ Jean, Korea

Very enriching. The layers and depth of information is amazing. ~ Vinita, India

It is a great course.  A healing method that produces effective result. ~ Terry, Cuba

The course is challenging and full of new information that I have not encountered before. I enjoyed a lot how the different topics integrate very well at the end of the course. ~ Myra,  Math Teacher, Puerto Rico, USA

Excellent course. This course is well -planned starting with a strong foundation and expanding slowly but keeping a simple and accessible language.  I want to know more. However, it is easy to implement from Day one. ~ Teresita, Bilingual teacher, Cuba and USA

I am really satisfied for the level of the classes and the skills of Meenakshi as a teacher. ~ Leda, Dominican Republic and USA

Wonderful experience. ~ Rita, India

Sujok Therapy Presentation

Very interesting. Very healing. Thank you. I would like to be a student of Sujok therapy. ~ Carina

Your presentation was wonderful. The visual powerpoint presentation helped very much to understand the purpose and how Sujok works. You were entertaining and had everyone interested. Thank you! ~ Marianna

I am grateful for your knowledge and your will to share. I will like to cure myself and learn your knowledge and also be able to share it too. Thank you very much. ~ Carmen

Thanks for a wonderful presentation. I really enjoyed it and feel empowered to know that I can take my health into my own hands -literally!!!! It is always nice to get a group of women together and share information.~ Marlene

Spring Smiles through your Fingers session 

I enjoyed the class. Very informative and enjoy the teacher very much. I am interested in future classes and thank you for your time ~ Maria V.

Informative class. Would like to take a meditation class or a class learning about mudras, chakras…Would like a Sujok class regarding chakra healing and mudra. ~ Gabrielle S,

Interesting class. Too little time. Need to learn more about this interesting subject!!! ~ Heloisa B.

Better handouts that is more clear. Great introductory class. ~ Jean K., Reiki healer

Thank you very much! This was a wonderful class. You are a beautiful teacher! ~ Nancy A.

Thank you, I would love to have learned about seeds and beans too. ~ Shalom M., yoga instructor

Awesome explorations~ Vanessa, C

Reiki initiation~ Level 1

I’m really happy about doing the Reiki session with you. I feel much better and more energetic most of the time. When I feel down, I always try to do Reiki and many times feel better afterwards. Thank you so much for initiating me. ~ Anjali, Gurugram

I’m less angry and I eat and drink cleaner. I use to eat animal products and now they are completely cut from my diet. I feel connected to everything.-~Jessica L,, Yoga instructor, Miami

I’m now the person I used to be years ago and somehow became repressed.  I also feel more balanced.  I start my day doing reiki and I stay connected with reiki energy throughout my day, sending it to myself and others.CHO KU REI~ Teri A, Primary School teacher, Miami

I realized that I was more frightened by my light than by my shadows. Now I embrace both with the same reverence because both are part of me and All about me is perfect and loved as part of All.~Teresita S, Primary School teacher, Miami

I was in awe at the concept of healing energy as being “there”, and tapping into it. I loved the first 21 days of doing it on myself and it becoming a life long practice. I am more loving to myself and way more accepting of others.~ Marisol N, Realtor, Miami

Amazing, unlike anything I have done with Meenakshi. I did not know Reiki was so practical. Thank you!!! ~ Andreina P, Consultant, Coach, Miami

A very powerful and grounding experience that connected me directly to source. Have never experienced such blessings. Wonderfully and beautifully presented. Thank you very much! =) ~ Dayaynna V- L, Life Coach, Business Owner, Miami

Continue spreading your sparkle so all may have the virus of love. Thank you for sharing your light. ~ Iliana Y Hernandez, Personal Trainer, Miami

Reiki initiation~ Level 2

I just wanted to thank you once more for being such a wonderful presence in my life and I am so grateful that you have initiated me into Reiki and Taiji. I am feeling so much better these days and any time that I’m feeling low I think of you and send you a message in my thoughts to help me. God bless you and your family. ~ Anjali S, Gurugram, India

Amazing experience. I feel empowered. Thank you, Meenakshi. – Andreina P, Miami

Beautiful class. Very powerful and kindness felt througout. ~ Dayanna V-L, Miami

Twist Gymnastics & Smile Meditation Session

Excellent experience. Feeling happy @ Peace. As I meditate I offered the universe Peace. Love, Loved the sessions. 🙂 ~ Scarlet P
I enjoyed the class. This is my first smile meditation. Through practice I can become more self awareness. I would recommend this session. ~ Jasmine V.

I thoroughly enjoyed this session and while I don’t often have free time for events, I will certainly try to attend something else in the future. Namaste =)~ LV, Healing Touch Practitioner
This was a very new an intuitive healing session. I find the movements very flowing and relaxing. Setting, and the time and mood was very peaceful. Thank you!! Have a happy day!~ Mario D, meditator

It has been a great experience with Suri. Suri is very calm, transmit easily good energy. I have never been exposed to Thaichi before. I will be trying to do more of it. I loved it. ~ Carolina, Asst. Manager

Wow! Love this!~ Liliana, Nurse Practitioner

Thank you for the class. Wonderful energy and I left feeling better. ~ Gisel, Accountant/Healer

Very nice meditation. I love that you teach “going with the flow.” You make the learner very comfortable. Thank you. ~ Leda W, HR Specialist

I love the way the class was held. It was very well explained and now I understand what I need to do to better my meditation technique. ~Gina C

Very nice, clear explanation, pleasant, informative. Really liked the meditation. ~ Larissa G, IT Analyst

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~YOUR FEEDBACK———————-

Feedback is an important aspect of energy exchange. It helps the facilitator to improve their offering and to know how what I communicate is received. it also helps to see the first responses when exposed to something new. In that, these words are precious and sacred. May they radiate blessings to all who read, as I feel when I first read them.

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