What are you seeking?

Choose the statements that apply to you:

  • I am  ready to fulfill my passion.
  • I would like to follow my dream.
  • I would like to find my purpose in life.
  • I am ready to acknowledge the things that distress me, and learn how to find the strength to handle them.
  •  I want to raise my vibration, and live with greater awareness.
  • I would like to learn self-healing
  • I would like to improve my relationships.

If you chose one or more of the above statements, then you are in the right place!

Welcome to the beauty of your own being.
Welcome to health, abundance and well-being that is natural to you.
Your inner  light  has guided you here.
You are ready to take a leap in your journey.

Contact Meenakshi  to find what you are seeking.

You’re ready to fulfill your passion. Follow your dream. Find your purpose.
You are ready to smile even at what bothers you
To acknowledge the aspects that are not smiling, and upgrade your consciousness to live with greater awareness.
You are ready to laugh and be joyful just because you’re alive
To be happy for no apparent reason
Your own inner healer brings you here, guiding you to seek a way out of feeling unfulfilled or confused, lonely or lost, stressed or simply overwhelmed.
In your path through life, these are opportunities to re-connect to yourself, bringing your physical and subtler body into a more healing balance.
In the tremendously transformative times we live in, let us connect to expand into all the dimensions which call out to us.

Sharing gifts with each other, we journey in wholeness.

Blessings abound when we connect in healing



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1000 goddesses




Connect with your heart, connect with  your soul, and connect with a friend who can  guide you to new places and insights, to see life from a new perspective.
It is an honor to connect with you in light as we journey to wholeness.
Meenakshi Suri