The wisdom within you

Within you is wisdom untold
Flowing in infinite strands of DNA
Glowing in potent particles of smile
Shining in your eyes and expressing through your hands and feet

Within you is wisdom that is ageless, boundless, infinite, eternal.
Embrace it, and you are ageless
Express it and you are whole
Experience it and you are.

In loving light
Together, we journey in wholeness

Image gratitude to the world-wide-web-of-wonder.


Gratitude Medicine Bundle

The celebration of Thanks Giving of our Tuesday circle was a joyful gift of Gaia: our Mother Earth and all beings. The dance of the chakras, blessing of  food, communal eating of goddesses from many lands in the Americas and Asia, and finally the ceremony of blessing.

In sacred circle, cleared by sage and sacred geometry, we can experience shadow and light in a healing way. To fully experience gratitude, we first dove deep into any lingering thoughts of lack, of want, of desire attached to a feeling of hopelessness, unworthiness or bewilderment. At the deepest well, when the smile seemed to be wiped from their senses, the presence of guides, mentors, devic beings, and the smiling self reached the circle. The hands held out to help, share, walk together come to rescue us from that deadened well. The feeling of gratitude is palpable. Nothing has ‘happened’, but thanks has been felt. In this way, we have delved into not our individual feelings of lack and gratitude, but the feelings of all whom we can sense, that we reach when we dive deep. For that is Gaia…that consciousness that we are one, that what one feels, all feel; what one knows, all know; as one heals, all heal.

Light, peaceful, flowing together, we can begin the ceremony of the medicine bundle. Each participant brought gifts that expressed their gratitude for the weekly Tuesday circle, and in sacred ceremony the Gratitude Medicine Bundle has come to be, to share her blessing with all. An Elder was honored and came to realize that aging is a blessing! Each of us blessed the bundle and felt its blessing. K’sitew was there, and gave his warm fire blessing. The bundle is being nurtured by the circle’s 21-day gratitude exercise, helping to integrate the gifts nestled within her. More about her in subsequent posts. For now, she is at rest.

The circle is always complete, and always open, spiraling out into the hearts of all who are in the hearts of those present. The amazing anahata chakra energy ~ unfettered, liberated, unconditional. Heart-centered. Love. From our weekly Tuesday circle, it is reaching out to you. In thanks giving.

Receive. Absorb. Radiate.  Together, we are on a journey. A journey of wholeness.

Photos courtesy Marlene, Patricia, Danielle, and moi.

Thanks- Giving Tuesday

Since 2012 we have met. Every Tuesday, taking a break when I would go to India to dip once more into the wellspring of family, motherland, information ancient and new, paradoxical experiences, and wisdom.

I met Nina, I informed her of my wish to begin my circles again. A small group used to meet every Thursday. The only day Nina was free was Tuesday; so – Tuesday it was.

We’ve met every Tuesday when I’m here; with only 1 interruption in the past 2 years. The nucleus is small; the diameter large. In other words, by now, perhaps 50 people have come to our circle; some as occasional visitors, others as regular for a while, and still others as irregularly regular. All wonderful – whether there’s 15 or 1 at a session.

When we share, many windows get opened. Some lead to workshops. The activities we’ve had are meditation, visualization, hoop ceremonies, prayer tie ceremonies, smile taiji, qigong, belly dancing, joyful dancing, crystals sensing, sujok and reiki healing circles, smile birthday celebrations, insight sessions, celebrating the cycles of moon and the festivals of light from many traditions.

Next week, we celebrate Thanks- Giving. K’sitew has graciously agreed to attend and bless us by Hangout. We learn to journey through cyberspace, sacred etheric space and the physical. It’s what our journey to wholeness is all about. You are here with us. If not in the physical, always in heart. For above all,  we are deepening our connection to Gaia: the consciousness of Mother Earth and all beings.