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From an article I wrote 11 Septembers ago:

Are you prepared to take a chakkar – a stroll?  We are going to take a chakkar through our chakras. As they whirl and open up, our chakras form a labyrinth of light. Taking our own light with us, of our guides, loved ones, inner strength – we are confident that as we go in, so can we come out.

How interesting that 11 years later, a wonderful friend persuaded me to give another course on chakras. So much more has been learned now. The chakras as studied by Professor Park, Jae Woo, for instance, which we can access on the hands.

New information is given all the time, through our own chakra energy centers. They are as intimate to us as our breath. One of the ways we can use this knowing, is to touch each sujok chakra with Existence Spirit in our thumbs, and sense that divine smile that Professor Park, Jae Woo created. In this way, we are using the chakra points on our hands and fingers as mudras.



In loving light


An in-body experience

An amazing thing happened yesterday. I had an in-body experience.

Amazing things happen every day that we do the SmileScan. We take the smile created by Prof. Park, Jae Woo and journey into our own body to sense where the smile is shining, and where it is hidden. This journey itself causes smile particles to bring about healing.

When we study  Sujok Smile healing  these words take a meaning of their own.

inbody experience
Are you ready now? Let’s go!
In loving light

Gratitude to Aley Grey, whose painting helped the words to shine!

The canvas of your life

Know your Self.

canvas enlarge ms

This is it ~ are you awake yet?

Weary from the journey, we slept | Dreaming of the home we came from |We woke and realized we had never left.  This is it, dearest ones.| This is home. |Ready for some sprucing up, some exploring, planting seeds of smiles wherever you go? | It’s time we all woke up to  dream awake a wonderful world

Sun rises, moon sets

Sun rises, moon sets
Conciousness unfolding
In wind and water

Enjoy the play of light reflecting on the water of your world, then become the light that is reflecting on all. Rise and expand even more fully, to the essence shining in all beings. That is the gift of enlightenment. Sense light and shadow, knowing and not knowing in all. That is the gift of mastership.

Enjoy the play of light, color and movement reflecting in the waters and winds of your world – emotion and thought. Then rise and expand your light to all, in healing, prayer and blessing. Step into wholeness and see the essence of light in all, the harmonious balance of pure love. This is the unfolding of consciousness.

Sun rises, moon sets. Moon rises, sun sets. Both rise, both set. Rise here, set there.  This is the play of this world. Seeing all  is the mastery of enlightenment.

In elements, wind represents sensation and thought. Water represents emotion, creation and re-creation. As within, so without. As you see, so you are. As you sense, so you become. As you know, so you are.

In loving light
Meenakshi Suri

Crystals on the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Get your crystals ready for a Full Moon cleanse and empowerment on the night of March 22nd-23rd. This time, the shadow of the earth will be on the moon – a penumbral lunar eclipse at Mar 23, 2016 at 9:39:31 AM UTC
I’m hoping to get a good photo of crystals bathing in the moonlight.
Until then, this will have to do:crystal grid moonlight
What are crystals?  They are clear or translucent minerals (stones) in a variety of colors, that have a regular repeated pattern of molecules connecting together. They form naturally, below the earth’s crust, over many years, pressured by the elements of heat and water.  they hold the memory of the chemicals and processes that have gone into forming them, and quartz crystals are used in modern day computers.
 They are  used in healing, because our bodies are also made of the same elements that make crystals.  In our workshops I focus not on information, which can be easily gleaned from the world wide web of wonder, but on a connection with the crystal, with sensing its message, and taking its help to empower our intentions.
Crystals absorb energies, so it’s good to cleanse them, with salt water (except the soft ones like selenite), or with healing energy like Reiki.
Once cleansed, we can place them out on full moon nights for a good empowerment. I usually leave them for the following day, so that they get a balance of yin and yang energy.
I also place the seeds used in seed therapy out for a yin-yang empowerment.
This Full Moon we’ll see a lunar eclipse. I think of an eclipse not as a hiding, but as a showing, because what we are seeing is the reflection or shadow of the earth on the moon. An embrace of the moon by the Mother Earth – wonderful loving energies to energize crystals and seeds!
Smile Taiji aka samwongong is  a wonderful way to greet the Full Moon. After that, you can ask for an Full Moon Hoop blessing, to align one chakra each full moon, to your central purpose.
Send in your photos or requests to journey dot wholeness at gmail and let us see your crystals! Or – post them on
In loving light

Vasant Spring Retreat

Become aware of the self…it is a wonderful play. Self knowing self.

Some photos of Vasant, our Spring Retreat. It was all about getting to know what’s in the wind – it’s spring after all, powered by the wind energy. We introduced Sujok, Smile, Smile Taiji or Samwongong, crystals, affirmative intentions, nutrition, playfulness, sprouted grams, and the wind – it played with us! WINDY day.

I wore the colors of the heart chakra, whose unconditional love spreads freely with the wind. Anahata ~ unbound, unfettered. It evoked the green color that energizes the organs related to the wind energy – liver and gall bladder. Fresh food , clean air, perfect day.

We are all blessed by Gaia, our Mother Earth and all beings. Many thanks to the hosts Rocio and Erich who prepare a beautiful healing space, with home-cooked meals. Many thanks to Nina, and Teresita who presented, and Veronica who helped more than I can say. And Estefania and Teresita’s dad – many bows and thanks for the photos.

Thanks to Sesnsei Usui who showed us that we are Reiki, to Eli, Swami Shraddhananda who brought the message we call the Gaia Minute, to  Professor Park jae Woo who showed us the wonderfulness of life on earth, and to all those unnamed but deeply known.

That’s all for now folks. Stay tuned for classes coming up to go deeper into what you experienced. After we play and refresh and come into the world, we learn, and the mind expands further.

In loving light






Stream of thought

The stream of thought flows in a spiral. It has no beginning or end. Within that stream, a thought is like a particle.

Entering this stream can be chaotic, turbulent, a wild ride! So for this exercise, let us prepare by breathing to enter into the inner stillness. From here, we see the stream and the particles.

When we choose a thought, there is an exchange of energy. The thought influences our vibration; and we change its vibration.

stream meadow

So here you are, sitting in a meadow, next to a fast-flowing stream. You see several objects floating in the stream. One catches your attention and you pick it up.  Examine your choice, absorb its gift, then let it go. Go one step higher. Examine the thought, absorb its message, surround it in loving light, then let it flow.

"The soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts." Marcus Aurelius
“The soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts.”
Marcus Aurelius

In this way, ideas come to us – the same idea to many people. Some will give it wings, others will let it go. In this way, a thought may come that you want to keep. It can be an idea, a memory, an opinion, or even emotional thoughts.

What thoughts find safe harbor within you? If they raise the vibration, let them stay. If they lower it, release them. This is your choice.

chakra man himalayan academy
Image copyright Himalayan Academy

This is the gift of the Anahata and Vishuddha chakras. Yogis have called the anahata (heart chakra in English) the center of perception, insight and direct cognition and Vishuddha (throat chakra in English) as the center of inner light, personal responsibility and universal love.


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Together, we journey in wholeness

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