Welcome to the beauty of your own being.
Welcome to health, abundance and well-being that is natural to you.
Your inner  light  has guided you here.
You are ready to take a leap in your journey.

What are you seeking?


If you choose one or more of the above statements, then you are in the right place! Contact Meenakshi  to find what you are seeking.

Connect with your heart, connect with  your soul, and connect with a friend who can  guide you to new places and insights, to see life from a new perspective.
It is an honor to connect with you in light as we journey into wholeness.
Meenakshi Suri

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Receive self-awareness healing sessions, attend certification courses in Reiki and Sujok Therapy, or participate in one of our Paath workshops about the light age, self-healing, crystals, and more.

Sessions of healing, mentoring and learning are intuitively customized to your needs. You will be involved in deciding: individual, couple or group session, meditation, ceremony, Reiki, Sujok, workshop or certification classes. Each session helps to connect you to your inner guidance, empower your inner healer.

Certification and Workshops:

REIKI- Usui Reiki Levels 1,2, Advanced Reiki Training, Reiki Master

‘Reiki’ is used to describe a healing method that helps to balance the energy of self or others by laying hands a little above the body. More


Sujok is a holistic healing system that uses seeds, beans, leaves, micro-magnets and similar simple tools on hands (Su) and feet (Jok) to heal bodily and energy imbalances, ailments and diseases. More


We offer workshops in Hoop Reiki ceremony, Spacial Light healing, Crystals, and other light tools throughout the year.


Holistic healing sessions are customized to combine energy healing of mind, body and life, meditation, your 9 Responsibilities, Life Path readings and more.


In-person sessions are offered in Miami, Florida, USA


Online sessions are offered for clients not in the Miami area. At the appointed time, both parties need to be present via Skype or Zoom


Distant sessions do not require both parties to be present online. Healer connects in sacred etheric space for healing. More

My students, clients and mentees are of all ages and from all over the world: Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, India, Jamaica, South Korea, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Spain, USA, Venezuela. We are truly one light from many windows.

I just wanted to thank you once more for being such a wonderful presence in my life and I am so grateful that you have initiated me into Reiki and Taiji. I am feeling so much better these days and any time that I’m feeling low I think of you and send you a message in my thoughts to help me. God bless you and your family. ~ Anjali Sharma, Reiki certification

Beautiful class. Very powerful and kindness felt throughout. ~ Dayanna Valenciano-Luna, Reiki certification

Informative class. Would like to take a meditation class or a class learning about mudras, chakras…Would like a Sujok class regarding chakra healing and mudra. ~ Gabrielle S,Sujok workshop

Thanks for a wonderful presentation. I really enjoyed it and feel empowered to know that I can take my health into my own hands -literally!!!! It is always nice to get a group of women together and share information.~ Marlene, Sujok workshop

This was a very new an intuitive healing session. I find the movements very flowing and relaxing. Setting, and the time and mood was very peaceful. Thank you!! Have a happy day!~ Mario D, Smile Twist, Smile Taiji and Smile Meditation