An in-body experience

An amazing thing happened yesterday. I had an in-body experience.

Amazing things happen every day that we do the SmileScan. We take the smile created by Prof. Park, Jae Woo and journey into our own body to sense where the smile is shining, and where it is hidden. This journey itself causes smile particles to bring about healing.

When we study  Sujok Smile healing  these words take a meaning of their own.

inbody experience
Are you ready now? Let’s go!
In loving light

Gratitude to Aley Grey, whose painting helped the words to shine!

The canvas of your life

Know your Self.

canvas enlarge ms

This is it ~ are you awake yet?

Weary from the journey, we slept | Dreaming of the home we came from |We woke and realized we had never left.  This is it, dearest ones.| This is home. |Ready for some sprucing up, some exploring, planting seeds of smiles wherever you go? | It’s time we all woke up to  dream awake a wonderful world

Sun rises, moon sets

Sun rises, moon sets
Conciousness unfolding
In wind and water

Enjoy the play of light reflecting on the water of your world, then become the light that is reflecting on all. Rise and expand even more fully, to the essence shining in all beings. That is the gift of enlightenment. Sense light and shadow, knowing and not knowing in all. That is the gift of mastership.

Enjoy the play of light, color and movement reflecting in the waters and winds of your world – emotion and thought. Then rise and expand your light to all, in healing, prayer and blessing. Step into wholeness and see the essence of light in all, the harmonious balance of pure love. This is the unfolding of consciousness.

Sun rises, moon sets. Moon rises, sun sets. Both rise, both set. Rise here, set there.  This is the play of this world. Seeing all  is the mastery of enlightenment.

In elements, wind represents sensation and thought. Water represents emotion, creation and re-creation. As within, so without. As you see, so you are. As you sense, so you become. As you know, so you are.

In loving light
Meenakshi Suri

Crystals on the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Get your crystals ready for a Full Moon cleanse and empowerment on the night of March 22nd-23rd. This time, the shadow of the earth will be on the moon – a penumbral lunar eclipse at Mar 23, 2016 at 9:39:31 AM UTC
I’m hoping to get a good photo of crystals bathing in the moonlight.
Until then, this will have to do:crystal grid moonlight
What are crystals?  They are clear or translucent minerals (stones) in a variety of colors, that have a regular repeated pattern of molecules connecting together. They form naturally, below the earth’s crust, over many years, pressured by the elements of heat and water.  they hold the memory of the chemicals and processes that have gone into forming them, and quartz crystals are used in modern day computers.
 They are  used in healing, because our bodies are also made of the same elements that make crystals.  In our workshops I focus not on information, which can be easily gleaned from the world wide web of wonder, but on a connection with the crystal, with sensing its message, and taking its help to empower our intentions.
Crystals absorb energies, so it’s good to cleanse them, with salt water (except the soft ones like selenite), or with healing energy like Reiki.
Once cleansed, we can place them out on full moon nights for a good empowerment. I usually leave them for the following day, so that they get a balance of yin and yang energy.
I also place the seeds used in seed therapy out for a yin-yang empowerment.
This Full Moon we’ll see a lunar eclipse. I think of an eclipse not as a hiding, but as a showing, because what we are seeing is the reflection or shadow of the earth on the moon. An embrace of the moon by the Mother Earth – wonderful loving energies to energize crystals and seeds!
Smile Taiji aka samwongong is  a wonderful way to greet the Full Moon. After that, you can ask for an Full Moon Hoop blessing, to align one chakra each full moon, to your central purpose.
Send in your photos or requests to journey dot wholeness at gmail and let us see your crystals! Or – post them on
In loving light

Vasant Spring Retreat

Become aware of the self…it is a wonderful play. Self knowing self.

Some photos of Vasant, our Spring Retreat. It was all about getting to know what’s in the wind – it’s spring after all, powered by the wind energy. We introduced Sujok, Smile, Smile Taiji or Samwongong, crystals, affirmative intentions, nutrition, playfulness, sprouted grams, and the wind – it played with us! WINDY day.

I wore the colors of the heart chakra, whose unconditional love spreads freely with the wind. Anahata ~ unbound, unfettered. It evoked the green color that energizes the organs related to the wind energy – liver and gall bladder. Fresh food , clean air, perfect day.

We are all blessed by Gaia, our Mother Earth and all beings. Many thanks to the hosts Rocio and Erich who prepare a beautiful healing space, with home-cooked meals. Many thanks to Nina, and Teresita who presented, and Veronica who helped more than I can say. And Estefania and Teresita’s dad – many bows and thanks for the photos.

Thanks to Sesnsei Usui who showed us that we are Reiki, to Eli, Swami Shraddhananda who brought the message we call the Gaia Minute, to  Professor Park jae Woo who showed us the wonderfulness of life on earth, and to all those unnamed but deeply known.

That’s all for now folks. Stay tuned for classes coming up to go deeper into what you experienced. After we play and refresh and come into the world, we learn, and the mind expands further.

In loving light






Stream of thought

The stream of thought flows in a spiral. It has no beginning or end. Within that stream, a thought is like a particle.

Entering this stream can be chaotic, turbulent, a wild ride! So for this exercise, let us prepare by breathing to enter into the inner stillness. From here, we see the stream and the particles.

When we choose a thought, there is an exchange of energy. The thought influences our vibration; and we change its vibration.

stream meadow

So here you are, sitting in a meadow, next to a fast-flowing stream. You see several objects floating in the stream. One catches your attention and you pick it up.  Examine your choice, absorb its gift, then let it go. Go one step higher. Examine the thought, absorb its message, surround it in loving light, then let it flow.

"The soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts." Marcus Aurelius
“The soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts.”
Marcus Aurelius

In this way, ideas come to us – the same idea to many people. Some will give it wings, others will let it go. In this way, a thought may come that you want to keep. It can be an idea, a memory, an opinion, or even emotional thoughts.

What thoughts find safe harbor within you? If they raise the vibration, let them stay. If they lower it, release them. This is your choice.

chakra man himalayan academy
Image copyright Himalayan Academy

This is the gift of the Anahata and Vishuddha chakras. Yogis have called the anahata (heart chakra in English) the center of perception, insight and direct cognition and Vishuddha (throat chakra in English) as the center of inner light, personal responsibility and universal love.


© 2015 Meenakshi Suri

Let’s get real about Reiki ~ Reiki consciousness

When I see a shadow on the ground, I can dig around and into it to learn about it. I can sit by the side and watch it change, move or disappear. I can look up and see that it was a leaf, a cloud, a bird, the movement of wind across the canopy of a tree, that cast its reflection as a shadow. Mind moves. Did the shadow create the reflection? Did my movement create the movement of the cloud? What came first – the proton or the watcher?

I cannot presume that I have learned about the shadow, the reflection, the tree, the cloud, the wind, the movement unless I have seen all of them, and then looked into the one who is watching. Even then I do not know, for the movements of my mind, the unfoldment of my consciousness is working on that shadow, that reflection, the elements that have gone into the making of that micro-event in a macro cosmos.

At one stage, I become still. I become the silence. There is nothing to describe what happens then.
As we are unfolding into Reiki, the universal energy that has unknowable number of meanings, the Reiki community is researching the history of Reiki’s advance into the world. It is known now, thanks to intrepid researcher – adventurers who have gone to Sensei Usui’s birth country of Japan, and learnt its language, that there is a history of Reiki as it spread from Hawaii into the world, and there is another history of Reiki as it spread within Japan. In Japan, it spread as Usui Reiki Ryoho, a method of inviting happiness, of self-unfoldment, of healing. In the rest of the world, it spread as Usui Shiki Ryoho, a method of healing self and others by a daily practice of laying on of hands. We have not even begun to know about other schools of Reiki, which other teachers have learned, but there is a little movement in the wind about that. As my father would say – a little bird told me.

Europeans have always been adventurous, and wonderful Reiki Master Frank Arjava Petter first brought to our attention that Reiki as it spread outside Japan was possibly not the way that Sensei Usui had taught it. After him, others have ventured and learned from Japanese masters, and slowly we are unfolding into the history of Reiki. In Triorigin theory of Professor Park Jae Woo, the venturing forth, uncovering new facts, is Hetero energy.

The conditioned, educated mind has also the energy of Homo, the compiler that can categorize and organize, and then set in stone, much as one of Sensei Usui’s senior student-disciples set in stone what we call the Reiki precepts, the Reiki Principles.

The secret art of inviting happiness. The miraculous medicine of all diseases…

Stirring words. Deeply moving. Simply profound.

Reiki is in this world. It has always been, since it is universal, and transcends space and time. In that its roots, as the roots of all life, are in Neuto, the soul, the immovable, unknowable. It has spread as a system that can heal and be taught, that has levels, and labels, and it has broken through many barriers to reach as many people as possible. It has many names now and many faces, some uniformity and some spreading. All who practice it, know it comes from the Divine by whatever name we call that unknowable source of all. So, Reiki has the Neutro in it – the energy that has all the other energies in it: the expansive Hetero, the contracting Homo, the harmonizing Neutro.
Every teacher has felt it: whatever we teach, is received by different students in different ways. Each student has felt it: whatever we learn, keeps changing, growing, expanding, solidifying. We forget much because we may not even have attended to everything the teacher conveyed. We uncover new truths because knowledge and information does not have one source; its source is not anything in this world. It is not books, it is not words, it is not a teacher. The source of truth is the unknowable becoming known. The process of knowing is within. Even the process of learning is within.
Every translator knows that much is lost in translation, transliteration and bringing a cultural sensitivity to the words that are used.
Every historian knows that language changes with the passage of time. Our great-grandmothers may be surprised that a ‘gay’ person has needed to fight for rights, because gay to them was a word that has no synonym. It reflects itself in happiness, jollity, light-heartedness….
Every master who teaches to, and not at a student, who looks into the eyes of the student, and senses what is needed to be taught, and Sensei Usui was such a master, knows the words, attunements, and manner to use in order to initiate a new level of awakening in the student. In this, both unfold: the master, and the student and thus all around them. It is a sacred meeting, this attunemeent, and it can be described but it cannot be fully known to another. Even the participants cannot fully know what has transpired for it is the unknowable source of all that is attuning and getting attuned.It is the elephant that cannot be known unless we go all around it and then step back and see it, really see it, and then close our eyes and just be.

Right now as you are, who around you fully knows you and what you are doing or teaching? Haven’t you yourself forgotten some of your sayings and writings? People often quote me back to me and I don’t even remember the words that have inspired them for years. They may have come out of my mouth, but perhaps they had been drawn out by their own need. The channel stays clear, and that means, also of history and remembering.

When you speak to a student, to a child, to a friend, a colleague, a boss, a spouse, a stranger – what language do you use? What words? Knowingly and unknowingly you say what you feel the other will understand, or what will help them to get the meaning that you want to convey. Don’t you speak slower when speaking to someone who is just learning your language? And if that student teaches another what you have taught them, are they conveying your full message, or parsing what they got from you to what they feel the other will ‘get’? You see? This is the beautiful way in which the river flows, adapting to the ground, the lay of the land, the play of the elements.
Let’s go back to that reflection on a shadow. When we study history, we are studying as if its set in stone, the passing of the Sensei’s teaching. We feel that he ‘was’ but actually he ‘is’. If he spoke to you of the metaphysical in physical terms, how would he convey the grandeur of the energy landscape within you? If he felt you’re a child, and would get overwhelmed by the entire created universe, would he not show you first the river, then its source, then the ocean where it falls? Would he not then show you the vapors that fall as rain and the ones that rise into the cloud and then more and more and more the entire world in which you are?
That is how Sensei Usui can teach you. Even in his human self, he was one who traveled, read much and was familiar with knowledge and cultures beyond his birth. As the world is growing and changing, we still find his teachings relevant, perhaps even more so that when we first encountered them. He is still teaching you.
Let’s step into the shadow of the reflection of the world of energy. The meridians that flow as rivers, the chakras that spin as wheels, the nadis that spiral, the vessels of hara ~ these are all words that help us to glimpse that immensity of the universe that is within. It is not within you and me, it is not in our bodies, it is. In the love that prevails in this world, we can sense this, we can feel this, we can know this.
Even the Sensei is a reflection of the reality, just as we are. For what you ‘get’ from him and about him is from the shadows of his reality. If you feel he was, you have already cast him into stone, one who is deathless for he is, and he is showing and teaching and unfolding just as we are.
I love when I see Reiki masters talk about their own unfolding, share what they have learned, go into what Usui taught and how each of his students changed the direction of the teaching. I love even more when they begin to say, as Frans Stiene did recently – let’s just go beyond whether this system is right or that one. For Reiki is not this or that. It is not an academic subject. It just is, and none can tell you when you are in the thrall of its wonder that what you feel is real or not.
Sensei Usui is smiling. Can you feel it? Reiki is love, it comes in smile, it flows and is still.
Thank you.

Expand into Reiki Consciousness~ a meditation
You are walking with Sensei. He has slowed down his walk, to match his walk to yours. And so you meet, as fellow travelers. You are behind, and realize that he is slowing down so you can walk together. Walk slower, you say, and he does, for a while. You are focused on keeping up, and walk faster to match his walk.

You pause, walk on, divert, and are on your own path. When you come back, you realize you can try to follow him, or come from the opposite side, and meet him face to face. This meeting is wonderful, and consciousness expands.

Your mind is somewhere, your feet elsewhere, and you walk the earth with thoughts of space and breath keeping pace sometimes with thought, sometimes with your legs. And then Sensei has walked on, and his form is now further and further, and you begin to focus not on him, but on your walk.

Then it all comes together – breath, thoughts, body, and you are not walking, he is not walking. The walk is happening.


Reiki is not a system. Reiki is consciousness that is, has always been and always will. It is freely available to all who seek, and that is why anyone who has tried to bind or own it has not succeeded in that venture, and  yet, has not been injured by that attempt either. The compassion of Reiki is infinite.You may become aware of it as a healing technique, as  a Japanese technique with unfamiliar words, as symbols, hand movements fixed or fluid; as a way of meditation,  harmony,peace,  happiness. You may experience it as a teacher, a student, a patient, a healer.   You may feel it flowing in hara, through chakras, as meridians or aura. You can approach it linearly, in an academic way or in wordless ways. You will feel it in joy, in serenity, in smile.  Keep expanding your sense.  Sensei .

Thank you.

In the smile of loving light,

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Vasant…a retreat to spring forward

The United States sets the clocks forward on March 13th. We essentially lose an hour to use the daylight as efficiently as possible.

The body and mind don’t immediately spring forward; and this year, we’re going to use a slingshot effect. Retreat to spring forward. After all, this is the year of the monkey AND a leap year!

Feeling the blessing of Professor Park, Jae Woo whose smile logo graces the flyer. It’s his birthday on March 11th and we’ll introduce Sujok and mantra and mudra.  If you’re in Miami, come on by!

vasant journey wholeness

Blessings of Ganesha

I woke this morning in meditation. There is a call for a retreat in March that I have been planning.  After the blessing of light, I came to my desk and saw the Sacred India Tarot that has been lying here, ready for a day when I would begin its journey.

It called to me and I shuffled and picked a card from the middle of the deck.

Instant blessing.

Blessings of Ganesha ~ Jane Adams ~ Sacred India Tarot
Blessings of Ganesha ~ Jane Adams ~ Sacred India Tarot

The blessings of auspicious beginnings to you.

Rohit Arya, creator of Sacred India Tarot deck wrote that the Karma related to this card, is Prarabdha (begun, commenced, undertaken) and Purushartha ( human effort or exertion)
Its quality is Dridha , i.e. fixed, intense, strong.

Swami Sivananda described these karmas beautifully “Tarkash (quiver), the case in which arrows are accumulated represents or Sanchita Karmas; the arrow that is ready for shooting represents our Agami Karma and the arrow which has left the bow, which cannot return and which must hit the target represents Prarabdha Karma.”
Prarabdha karma is that portion of the past karma which is responsible for the present body or incarnation.

Prarabdha is only Purushartha of previous birth.

What is destiny after all? It is one’s own make-up. You have created certain things. You can destroy them or undo things also. .. You have got a particular way of writing in a vertical manner. This is Prarabdha. You can change that writing into a slanting way. This is Purushartha.

You sow an action and reap a tendency. You sow a tendency and reap a habit. You sow a habit and reap your character. You sow your character and reap your destiny. Therefore destiny is of your own creation. If you change your habits, you can become master of your destiny.

God never punishes nor gives rewards. He is not sitting with a rod to chastise people. Life is governed by fundamental divine laws. The law operates and man reaps the fruits of his actions.

The study of karma is lifelong. Its effect transcends our lifetimes.  In order to enter this wonder world of seeming matter, the formless Spirit emerges as particles of light that playfully and with purpose, grasp karmic patterns in order to inhabit and co-create  our wonderful human bodies.  I envisioned life as the water-vapor-like soul binding to dust-motes-like karmas in order to fall as rain or take (re)birth in this life. Somewhere in there as well, there is free will and destiny, lovingly spiraling around one another.

Maybe one of my artist friends have shown this with their divine art?

Here is one…

Bruce Harman. Soul takes birth
Bruce Harman. Soul takes birth

In loving light
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It’s ok to say: I AM a Healer

One day in one space, everyone in the world  knows how to heal themselves. Until then, until we are in that awareness, we need one another….as givers and receivers, teachers and students.

Yes, healing is from the Source and of the Source that we call God, Creator, Light, Creator Spirit, Existence Spirit or the Nameless, Fathomless source of Love, Light, Smile, Being.

But if as a human being you spend your time, thought, and heart energy to help a person experience healing, it’s okay to say it. It really is.  You may do this in the role of teacher, in the role of student, in the role of patient, in the role of doctor. You may help another by your strength or your weakness, but if you are aware of what you are doing, and someone asks what you do, or what you are, it’s okay to say:

I AM a healer.

Healer- Alex Grey
awareness heals

And as you say it, you surrender to the Light that flows through us, connecting us in wholeness.

For what is healing? It is awareness.


In loving light,


©2015 Meenakshi Suri

Shared under Creative Commons License. Please share response-ably.

New Year, New Moon

The first moonless night of this year falls on Jan. 9th/10th. This time, it is during mercury retrograde, and you may feel that you need to free yourself from issues related to communication.

As always, the new moon is a sacred time for a high level of energy hygiene, freeing our energy bodies from toxic feelings, thoughts, memories and karmic patterns related to relationships with the tool called hooks-removal, or chord-cutting.

We can cut chords in an emergency, but for  a deeper, more lasting freeing, I don’t feel that cutting chords is adequate. This keeps the hooks in place, and they can re-attach.

If you feel ready, it is better to remove the hooks, and heal any wound that you feel at that time, with sacred loving light. Then there is nothing for the chords to attach to.

It is important to call on angel, spirit, Grandmother Moon or human guides who can hold sacred space while you undergo this ritual. This is a wonderful ritual; for it frees all who are attached in unhealthy relationships. It is a release, not a disconnection. We detach to connect in lovingkindness, in right relationship to our selves and others, so approach this ritual with love.

Create a safe space where you will be undisturbed for a few hours. Let your family know that you will be in meditation.

Play healing music, light a candle and incense or use sage for clearing the space.  Breathe. Keep breathing evenly during this exercise.freedom

  • Gently  scan your energy for places where you feel a hook or a chord attachment that drains you; or one in which you feel charged up and then drained. You may be draining someone else, or they may be draining you. A habit may be charging you up and then draining you. However ‘good’ and beneficial they may at first seem,  you may now feel that you would  like release from them. In this expanded state, you will know. If you are unsure, surround this in loving light and move on.
  • When you feel a chord, look for the hook. Where is it attached to you? Who (person) or what (idea, action, habit, karmic pattern) is on the other side?
  • Ask yourself if you are ready to release this. If yes, then surround the hook and chord in loving light, calling on Reiki, Archangels or other forms of higher vibrations for help. When the hook and chord are dripping in light, the people involved infused in healing light, gently remove the hook. You may be surprised at how you physically feel a wrench as the hook, which has become a  habitual pattern with you (e.g. allowing others to use you for help), is removed. Keep filling that space with water.
  • If you feel you’d like to, you can work on more than one hook in a session. Perhaps they are related to one another. Call on the guides to help you decide.  Do this in a healing balance. Remember, going one way may itself be a hook (seeking perfection; or completion; or being impetuous or impatient)
  • Breathe. Then drink plenty of Reiki’d or smile-particle-charged water and allow mind and body to rest, and energy to recharge.


Together, we journey in wholeness


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