Take Three Steps- a 21 day challenge

The stars are aligned for a massive transformation that we can being about in our lives. Following the law of inter-connection, changing self will affect all who are near and dear to is. That is how the ocean of our world is cleansed: within and without.

So here’s a three-step 21-day challenge. Are you in? Comment below. Hashtag #freedom on social media and look out for one another.

Step 1: Morning Gratitude

Wake up. Stretch. Think of 5 things you’re grateful for
Breathe in

Steo Two: Afternoon Dream

Free yourself from everything for a few minutes and enter the world of your dreams. Make it real. Find your Smile and bring it back.

Afternoon: Visualize your Dream and make it real

Step Three: Night Release

Go to sleep with a feeling of release, detachment, forgiving yourself and others from all that was done or not done.
The loving light transmiutes..
Breathe out.

At night, release all that was done or not done


In loving light



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