Align to your Purpose~ Hoop Reiki

Hoop Reiki or Medicine Reiki™ has been brought by K’sitew to align our chakras to our Divine Purpose. With ceremonies every Full Moon in person or online, honoring our ancestors, using prayer ties to clarify our intentions, honoring the Direction over the course of a few months, you will find a focus coming into your life.

Hoops help to align your major energy centers or chakras to the purpose you came to fulfill in this lifetime. They are also available to receive and send healing.

You will be informed when the ceremonies are taking place.You  learn  to

  • prepare for ceremony
  • create a sacred space
  • participate in a hosted ceremony
  • connect with others in etheric space
  • hold sacred space and host a ceremony for others
  • use hoops to receive or send healing
  • gift and receive gifts of gratitude

Email or fill form below for information and ceremony details.
Available services

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