Be Healed (Healing Sessions)

Serving others requires you to serve yourSELF first. Invest your time in yourself and the world around you is transformed.~ Meenakshi Suri

Holistic Healing
Heal the Person: Not the Illness

To heal means to become whole.
To re-connect one’s self.
As we grow, we learn to fragment ourselves, and this causes us to sometimes be at odds with ourselves.
So we may have our “head” [read “reason”] warring with our “heart” [read “feelings”].

Healing Session

One or more healing modalities in which I am trained, may be used during a session, based on inner guidance.


Find your Smile Essence™ healing sessions

Each session lasts for 1-2 hours, and is customized for you. The sessions help to bring about a feeling of re-balancing, removing disturbance and confusion, bringing clarity of purpose, thought, a way forward. Intuitively guided by the essence of smile that is within us all, I co-create a session that brings about transformation and a feeling of well-being and blessing. The modalities used can be visualization, Spacial Light,  Reiki, seed or color SuJok Therapy, angelic presence, crystal healing, journeying.

The sessions can be online, in person or remote, in sacred etheric space.

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For the person within you – Children, Teens, Grown-ups, Senior Execs and Corporations
In-person sessions or distance/remote/online sessions


…to fulfill your passion. Follow your dream. Find your purpose.
to smile even at what bothers you
to acknowledge the aspects that are not smiling, and upgrade your consciousness to live with greater awareness.
…to laugh and be joyful just because you’re alive
…to be happy for no apparent reason…

How can healing begin?
When you seek out a healer, when you make a choice to be healed. Healing begins with a choice we make: conscious or unconscious.

A major part of healing, that is difficult to understand, is that we come from a space of wholeness- and in that space, no one is unwell. From that space, we view the request of someone for healing as a call to connection; not a call to cure/remove/improve.~ Meenakshi Suri, Holistic Healing

Healers focus on the person, not on the illness. The moment you touch an ailing body, whether yours or another’s, you are seeing the smiling self within and bringing that to manifest.

Sometimes the words of another are healing!

Meenakshi, I can’t tell you how much your thoughts and observations seem to be so “on the mark”, and mean so much to me.

I thought about what you just wrote, and I love it. Because we all come from the same source; we are all one. The call to be ‘connected”…instead of” healed’. I think this thought will change my approach to others , and to myself, hopefully for a long time.

In Reiki, I was always taught that we do not do the healing, we are just the instrument for the energy. But always there was the thought of unwell vs. well. Thinking now, that I am the instrument to aid in the ‘connection’, is such a wonderful way of thinking, and will help me to stay above the worlds of duality.

Thank you so much for your insight, and for your loving light.

May the Blessings Be,

Serving others requires you to serve yourself first. Invest your time in yourself and the world around you is transformed. ~ Meenakshi Suri, Unfolding Your Healing Consciousness.