Sessions of Reiki with the cosmic smile

Hello lovely one,

Two beautiful universal gifts have emerged in our consciousness in our lifetime. They are so amazing that it may take time for us to understand how we are emerging out of the dark ages, but we are doing so. The world we are living in at present is just beautiful. That is why every news about something violent disturbs us. That is why even soldiers, trained to kill, suffer the effects of war. We are no longer a warlike species. We are growing up.
The gifts I spoke of, are Reiki, the energy that Master Mikao Usui of Japan brought to our consciousness-  that there is a universal energy that we can draw on, in our daily life and in our healing of self and others. It is everywhere, it has always been here, it transcends time and space, and is limitless.
The second is Triorigin theory, the beautiful gift of smile consciousness  given by Prof. Park, Jae Woo, in terms that are simple to understand, meant for Onnuri, the whole world, and that helps us to use a system of healing that flows where Reiki goes. We learn even deeper to see where and how Reiki flows.
We don’t need to get caught up in words. What’s important is that we unfold our consciousness, much as every flower does, that we use everything we have in the world to blossom into fragrance.
I am offering classes of Reiki with Triorigin consciousness in July and August – first in Delhi and Gurgaon until August  13th , and in Miami after August 25th.
  The cosmic smile is unfolding into our world.We will experience it together. Is it calling to you?
If you forward this message, please send to friends who are receptive. 
Thank you.

In Lak’ech Ala K’in “I am another you”
Journey to Wholeness

Sujok Smile for All

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