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Reiki is a universal energy, unfoldment of our consciousness. It is spreading in our world through healing sessions, attunements and certification classes  in person or groups. However you choose to experience Reiki, benefits flow into your life.

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reiki testimonial anjali

The gentle energy REIKI is spreading softly throughout the world. Variously called Ki, Chi, Prana or by other names, the healing system of Sensei Mikao Usui is designed to help attune the recipient and initiate into the universal energy of healing.

Reiki is a combination of two Japanese words – Rei [universal] and Ki [Energy]. Being universal, Reiki has always been here. It is always within us and we are within its flow. However, in our everyday life, we may not be able to access it or be aware of it. Classes and healing sessions with Reiki help to clear the blocks that prevent us from this awareness.

Reiki initiation provides hands-on  experience,  attunements, study time with a manual, meditation and sharing. It can be individual or in groups. A certificate is given along with the lineage information.

I am available to all Reiki students by email or phone after the course. There is a free email newsletter for updates and Reiki shares available to keep in touch with Reiki.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is universal energy. It comes from the highest, purest source. Its source is Love which we can call God, the Divine, the Creator  or any other word you use to describe the indescribable.

Reiki is beyond duality i.e. it is both masculine and feminine and helps us to transcend the world of light and dark, good and bad to universal love.

The wonder of this energy is, that when we connect to it, we are healed. The meaning of healing as used here is not just ‘absence of ailment or imbalance’ but presence of love and happiness in our life. Reiki has come into this world to connect us to the Love that brings us into this world.

‘Reiki’ is used to describe a healing technique introduced by Sensei Mikao Usui and developed by Dr. Chujiro Hayashi and Mrs. Hawayo Takata and by the Japanese masters who have been discovered outside Japan in the past decade .  Learning the healing system of Reiki helps to balance the energy of self or others by laying hands a little above or on various places in the body. Reiki healing can help to heal physical or emotional issues, though it does not diagnose or treat illnesses. It  is usually seen as a complementary or alternative healing method.

Reiki has its own intelligence. It flows where it is needed,  with the strength that is required for each person and situation. It can therefore do no harm. It can transform, change, respond, and clear, but once attuned to it, you may find yourself seeing the world in a completely different way.

You may find that you do not get tired doing your daily tasks, or no longer waste energy in unnecessary worry or anxiety.  Physical, mental and emotional ailments can get treated, and you feel a sense of calm and peace even when you are not actively practicing Reiki. This can happen immediately or over time.

Reiki level 1

Learning Reiki

When you learn Reiki as a healing technique, you are attuned to its frequency through initiation by a Reiki Master Teacher. Reiki healing is traditionally taught in three levels.

Reiki Level 1  helps you to awaken to heal yourself and others by laying your hands in certain prescribed ways. It provides you with a daily routine of connecting your mind, body, life and soul to   Universal Love.

Reiki Level 2 empowers you to flow into timeless space to  help heal yourself and others. They may be near you or far away, and the events can be in the present, past or future. You are attuned to the energy of symbols.

Advanced Reiki Training [ART]  launches you on the path to be a Reiki Master. You feel a commitment to live your life in a more conscious way of serving humanity.  

Reiki Level 3 helps you to attune others, and you are called a Reiki Master [or Reiki Master-Teacher or Grandmaster in India].

Each Reiki Master has their own way of determining if you are ready for the next level. Follow your inner guidance, and if your heart lifts at the thought of becoming initiated into Reiki, Email or fill form below for a healing session or workshop.

Reiki healing is passed on by a Reiki master, through attunement and teaching. The Reiki master has attended training which has three different levels; with the last level sometimes being taught as two separate stages. This includes both course work and attunements which open the channels for Reiki to flow. Many Reiki Master Teachers have requirements of other courses that the prospective student needs to complete. These could involve- but not be limited to- crystals, numerology, dream analysis, insight courses, or other healing modalities. They involve the development of each Reiki healer to be a more effective channel to attune others to Reiki.

Not every healer needs to complete all three levels. However, as each level is experiential, it helps the practitioner’s own personal unfoldment to do the successive level.

The first level attunes a healer to heal themselves or others with laying hands on the physical body or above it, at the etheric body [aura] at various points.
Level two helps to send healing over distance of space and time.
Level three enhances the practice and a further level can be given at the discretion of the Reiki master, which enables the healer to become a Reiki Master Teacher.

Reiki masters can teach Reiki, and attune people to be open to receiving and transmitting the energy.

Reiki healers and masters are themselves at various stages in their personal unfoldment. For them, too, Reiki is a path for their growth. As we practice Reiki, we begin to have insights into the universality of energy and life; into connections among people.

Each practitioner brings a unique perspective to the healing, using other modalities they are familiar with. So you may have a Reiki healing session combined quite naturally with one or more of the following: crystals, meditation, visualization and other lightwork techniques. It’s a remarkable experience in which you are treated as a whole person, and you get the whole benefit the practitioner can give you!

If you would like a Reiki healing session or to learn Reiki, the wonderful thing is, there will be a practitioner to suit you.

I was in awe at the concept of healing energy as being “there”, and tapping into it. I loved the first 21 days of doing it on myself and it becoming a life long practice. I am more loving to myself and way more accepting of others.~ Marisol N
I’m less angry and I eat and drink cleaner. I use to eat animal products and now they are completely cut from my diet. I feel connected to everything.~Jessica L
I realized that I was more frightened by my light than by my shadows. Now I embrace both with the same reverence because both are part of me and All about me is perfect and loved as part of All.~Teresita S
I just wanted to thank you once more for being such a wonderful presence in my life and I am so grateful that you have initiated me into Reiki and Taiji. I am feeling so much better these days and any time that I’m feeling low I think of you and send you a message in my thoughts to help me. God bless you and your family. ~ Anjali
I’m now the person I used to be years ago and somehow became repressed.  I also feel more balanced.  I start my day doing reiki and I stay connected with reiki energy throughout my day, sending it to myself and others.CHO KU REI~ Teri A
reiki testimonial anjali
I’m less angry and I eat and drink cleaner. I use to eat animal products and now they are completely cut from my diet. I feel connected to everything.
~Jessica L

Light of Reiki touches a friend

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What Reiki Can Do / What a Reiki Session can do

  • A Reiki session is for the whole person and this way it can help with specific physical or emotional issues.
  • Help you to de-stress
  • Regular de-stressing is the key to a healthier life
  • Allow you to become more aware of your deepest desires.
  • We are always manifesting our deepest desires: what a waste if we don’t know what they are!
  • Help the healer and the recipient to benefit from a Reiki session.
  • As it flows through a healer to a recipient or healee, the Reiki energy heals them both.
  • Help us to tap into the inexhaustible supply of universal energy
  • This allows us to go about our daily activities energetically but without a build-up of suppressed exhaustion, resentment, or disenchantment.
  • Help to enhance your work
  • Reiki can help to increase creativity of thought and action.
  • Help you to enhance the benefits of meditation or other spiritual practice
  • By helping us to stay clear and stable, Reiki can help to clear blocks in spiritual experience
  • Help you to transform your life
  • Regular practice of Reiki helps you to transform yourself and thus, the situations in your life.
  • Reiki helps us to de-stress. For both practitioner and recipient, the Reiki energy helps to clear stressful toxins.

Stress is not in itself harmful. It is the natural response of the body and psyche to outside stimuli. Whether we are walking, exercising, singing, dancing, or talking, there is stress as the body and emotions work against opposing forces. As this is not distressing, we do not call it stress. This level of stress is an inevitable factor in human living, for zero stress is achievable only at death.
When the level of stress reaches distress, there is a build-up of toxins in the system. This is what we commonly call “stress”. The stress-turned-distress needs to be cleared. Stress ‘may speed up cell ageing’

Reiki Healing Session

Imagine entering a space that has been prepared to receive you.
It has been cleared of harmful energies, infused with harmonious sound, smell, sights. There is a comfortable place for you to sit or lie down, with a practitioner, who has prepared himself or herself to receive you, listen to your concerns, and then provide healing energies for you.
Following their inner guidance, the practitioner gives you a healing experience designed just for you.
You wouldn’t be far from thinking you’re in a soft cloud of comfort and nurture!

A Reiki session is as individual as the recipient and the practitioner through whom the healing flows.

Sometimes, it can be a short healing touch to an injured part, or something that’s hurting, or just a gentle touch on the knees or feet to ground someone.
In a full session, the recipient is fully clothed, and usually lying down on a massage table, carpet or a high bed.
The healer places hands on or a little above the recipient, at various points. These may follow a usually set pattern from head to foot in front and back, from 3-5 minutes at each point. Many practitioners, following their intuition or the request of the recipient,will vary these set patterns as indeed it was in Master Usui’s time.

This could be at the home of the healer or recipient, a spa, a hospital, or a healing center.
It could even be outdoors – wherever a person asks to receive Reiki and a healer agrees to give it.

Some Reiki practitioners can also send healing at a distance of space and time. So, for example, if a recipient is going to an important meeting, a crisis situation, a medical test, s/he can ask for Reiki to be sent. It is wonderful to feel the energy coming towards you even at a distance!

Like a spa treatment, a Reiki session is relaxing and energizing. The practitioner creates an environment in which healing energies can enter and work perceptibly. Recipient and practitioner alike, feel honored and healed. What a wonderful experience for all concerned!

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Flow into Wholeness~ Expand into Universality

When we become aware of Reiki, ego begins its expansion into universality.
What do we mean when we say Reiki is “universal”?

      • We mean that Reiki is energy that is inclusive of all: all outward manifestations of color, race, country, gender, age, and whatever distinguishes each of us from the other.
      • The universality of Reiki also means that it includes all our deepest beliefs, faiths, desires.
      • We acknowledge that as we channel and receive Reiki, it begins to transform every aspect of our lives.
      • Reiki is universal in its being – it always was, and always will be. It is always around us.

O Hidden Life, vibrant in every atom
O Hidden Light, shining in every creature
O Hidden Love, embracing all in Oneness
May all who feel themselves as one with Thee
Know they are therefore one with every other.
-Annie Besant

What is different about Reiki now vs what it was since the dawn of time?

Though Reiki has always been present, acting to heal life forms; it has been discovered in the last century, as the world was ready for it to be disseminated in the material world.

Now, humans have discovered how to access the Reiki energy to utilize it.
Master Mikao Usui discovered a way to pass on the healing aspects of Reiki. Others helped to formalize the methods he used, in order that it can be passed on to large numbers of healers.
Reiki Masters and practitioners can now, by their actions, bring their ego and the ego of students and receivers to awareness of this ethereal energy.

It is spirit made manifest! Reiki – Light Made Manifest [link out of site; press Back button to return]

Remember:we are not humans having a spiritual experience, but Spirit having a human experience. ~Teilhard de Chardin

Light of Reiki touches a friend

Three healers awake

Belief in REIKI

  • Is it necessary to believe that REIKI works for it to be effective?

Reiki is a natural energy and follows its own laws. Whether or not we understand or believe in the wind, it’ll ruffle our hair if we step in its path!

Reiki is not rooted in ego , the brain or its processes. It works whether or not we believe in it.

  • But why would a person come for a healing session or learn Reiki if they do not believe in it?

It has been noticed that sometimes, when they are offered Reiki, people who have not heard about it before, or read about it, spontaneously accept it [or not!]. Even in their case, Reiki works. This is because Reiki does not depend on the personality of the healer or the recipient. It flows clear and pure, directed by the higher selves of each.
Of course, they will consciously feel more at ease, once they believe!

  • But isn’t it true that sometimes Reiki just doesn’t work?

We often recognize a problem only when it has reached our physical or emotional bodies. So we feel Reiki is working only if a pain goes away, a tumor cleared, or a relationship problem solved. While people have reported such wonderful results with Reiki, sometimes there is nothing perceptible that happens after a session; except for a feeling of relaxation. One wonders: did Reiki work?

There can be several reasons why a physical or emotional symptom is not removed after a Reiki session:

Reiki energy is intuitive and efficient. It seeks out the root cause of the physical symptom. The roots of our physical illnesses usually lie in imbalances in our energy field. These have been documented in several studies. Reiki flows where it is needed most, ensuring that blocks are removed to prevent future problems.

Sometimes, it may take several sessions for the issue to be resolved. A group of three is sometimes recommended for the first time.

Just as a human body can have an invasion of bacteria that is detected only when the body has a fever; in the same way, imbalances in our energy fields are detected by us only when they reach our body or emotions. Yet the problem is not the fever, but the inability of the body to fight the invasion. In the same way, the physical symptom is the result of the real problem; it is not the problem in itself. In fact, it is usually a wonderful opportunity for the person to seek help!

People with physical symptoms usually seek holistic therapies like Reiki when traditional forms of healing are not entirely providing the results that they require. Reiki works seamlessly with traditional medicine, and is now used in hospitals as well. This enables the recipient to seek the removal of energy blocks; so that their own healing energy can flow more freely.

Reiki always works! As we grow in intuition and clarity, this becomes more perceptible to us.

Light of Reiki touches a friend

Three healers awake