Reiki as a journey to wholeness

I see Reiki as an  essential awareness in our journey to wholeness.

It is an awareness of oneness, of the deep connection we have to people we know or ones that we barely know.

I sense Reiki as a simply profound transformative experience for this world.

The transformation begins the moment you are made aware of Reiki.  You may encounter it in words through books, but even more wonderfully, through receiving it as a ‘patient’, ‘client’, ‘receiver’. You may get attuned to it so that you can not just know about it, but actually know what it is.

I view the healing technique, Usui Shiki Ryoho as brought by Master Mikao Usui as a simply profound way of attuning us in this world to the universal energy.

In a few moments of attunement, a few hours of initiation with a Master Teacher, we are able to know it, sense it, feel it. We are never the same again, after sensing the energy of Reiki, and even more deeply, its presence in our lives. There is a lot one can say about Master Usui, who showed us such a simple way of bringing ourselves to Reiki, but for now, it is in my heart.

Reiki is a small word with infinite meaning.

That is why we cannot translate ‘Rei’ from the Japanese as one word. There are many levels to the word, and no one  other word totally captures it. It has within it, all, and that is why it heals – all energy systems, oneness, universality.

  • Reiki is subtle, yet easy to sense
  • Reiki is transcendent, yet is within everything and everyone
  • Reiki is spiritual, yet it does not require us to wear a mantle of spirituality. It helps us to live our daily life more efficiently and meaningfully.
  • People in all callings, religions,  jobs and situations in life ‘use’ Reiki and yet they may not acknowledge or know the word.

Reiki is Divine, and yet is meant to be for this world.

Reiki is a gift that has continuously flowed into this world that we call the ‘real’ world, the created world, the manifested world, from the world that we usually feel is different, beyond, separate, more powerful than this one. Experiencing it helps us to know that the worlds are one world.

Reiki is beyond our five senses but we can access it through our five senses.

Sometimes it is as simple as a touch by one who is attuned to Reiki. At other times, we are in a room that has been specially prepared to bring our five senses to a higher vibration.

We can use

  • visuals like colors, paintings or artwork for the sense of sight.
  • fragrance of flowers or specially formulated ones for different chakras. Smell and taste are closely related.
  •  sounds like tones, bells or music for the sense of hearing.
  • a comfortable space to lie or sit, with the practitioner ensuring that their own physical presence does not come in the way for the sense of  touch.

Reiki is taught through Masters channeling the Reiki presence, yet it is as deeply personal and intimate as your breath.

Reiki is within us, and all around us, yet we may first need someone to bring our attention to it. Ensure that no one tries to bind you to your own experience and practice of it.

Reiki does not need knowledge to experience it,  yet our own experience helps us to gain more knowledge about the human body and energy systems

The Reiki healing system is traditionally taught with a lot of information. It goes in to conscious and subconscious levels, but to fully absorb it, the student needs that time to go within, practice it, allow it to flow into consciousness with awareness.

When you are in Reiki, you deeply experience your self, yet you are connected to all

You begin to understand how it helps us to ‘Reiki ourselves daily.’ In helping yourself, you are helping the world.

Reiki healing system is complete in itself, yet it may open you to other modalities.

Everyone has a unique path through life, and once you are in the flow of Reiki, you may find new avenues and inspirations coming your way. Be open. Allow. Accept.  Stay connected to your Reiki guides, masters and fellow travelers. That is how we journey to wholeness.

©Meenakshi Suri When you share these words, please keep the copyright information and link to this page for the highest good of all concerned. Thank you.

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