Three healers awake

Three new healers awoke yesterday, attuned to the beautiful practice of Reiki.

It is such a blessing to be in a process where I can see the healer within awakening. As they question, answers come through. As they share experience, insights pour in.
In Reiki we say – Like attracts like. What about the time when you feel peaceful and someone comes by and yells at you? This is what I have realized:

When people are with you now, they will be responding to the light they see within you.
Some will show their own light, to the extent that they see yours. ‘Like attracts like”.

Others will begin clearing their toxic words, emotions or actions.
This too is like attracting like, but in the flow of process. These people are seeking healing from the Reiki they sense flowing through you. They are not personally attacking you even if their words appear to do so.  That is the moment to step back, and allow Reiki. Just think the Reiki principles, intend Reiki, and immediately you are in the flow of healing. From that perspective, you do not engage the lower level energies – you allow the higher vibrations to take over. This is the real work of a Reiki channel. We all can forget and come in the way of the flow, ‘take things personally’, and then we suffer.

A Reiki healer is shown how to quickly come back to center, get back on that river of healing that is flowing through this world.

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