Energy Hygiene


Energy hygiene is an important aspect of healing in our journey to wholeness. It helps you to be balanced, safe and light.

Energy is the mix of physical, mental, emotional, and subtle vibrations that are in everyone and everything in and around us.

Most people can see, hear, taste, touch the physical, sense the emotional, and subconsciously sense the subtler vibrations. We are constantly reacting and responding to each other’s energy. This is why it is important to practice energy hygiene.

To keep energy clean and clear there are several actions we can take.:

  • Clear your physical body.
  • Clear your physical space – home, workplace, car or other things you own or use. Apart from cleaning substances, you can use sound [music, bells, windchimes], fragrance [incense, sage, etc.],  images, and light of sacred fire.
  • Clear your etheric space – keep your emotions and thoughts flowing and beneficial, whether they are expressed or unexpressed.
  • Clear your astral space by transcendent energies of mudra, mantra, meditation, prayer.

As you can see, each energy dimension is cleaned with an energy of the same or a higher dimension. ‘Lower’ and ‘higher’ here do not imply that one dimension is better than another; just that this is how dimensions appear to be placed and how we can describe them in words.

Most families learn one or more of these from their culture or tradition. Nowadays we can learn from the culture and tradition of many lands.

If you feel imbalanced regardless of what you are doing, you can reach out to a light healer for space and aura clearing. In many traditions, priests perform ceremonies to do this.

This helps us to be a clear mirror for each other, a hollow bone to be a clear channel of healing light.

©Meenakshi Suri



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