SuJok Therapy: Find your soul smile in mind, body, life

Su Jok Therapy with Triorigin understanding

Prof Park Jae woo smile light

Prof. Park, Jae Woo Photo taken on one of my first Sujok workshops. Look at the way the light reflected his essence!

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Sujok is a holistic healing system that uses the hands [Su] and feet [Jok] to help heal bodily and energy imbalances, ailments and diseases.

Sujok therapy presents body healing for those who can see the body as a temple; mind healing to those who can see the body-mind connection; life healing for those who know that our life need not be one of pain or hopelessness.

Sujok Smile Healing has come to this world just as people’s vibrations are rising. This holistic, profound system devised by one who presented it with smiling humility and brilliant simplicity: Prof. Park, Jae Woo

Founder, Prof. Park, Jae Woo showed us that hands and feet have correspondences to our various body parts, organs, glands, meridians and energy systems and can be conveniently used for healing.  Sujok  is based on an Onnuri [worldwide] system. It has brought together many complementary therapies and alternative systems from ancient times until today, into one  system.

Prof Park, Jae Woo studied healing systems of Phoenicia, Egypt, India, China, and brought the brilliance of the Triorigin Theory of the three forces of the universe. Sujok was then invented as a system that can be used by self or a practitioner to help heal a wide variety of ailments. Sujok helps to bring the person back into a healing balance, the original plan in harmony with the universe. We often call it Sujok Smile Healing, as Prof. Park showed us that smile is the essence of the universe.

Using leaves, seeds, magnets and similar simple tools and transcendent soul energy, various kinds of bodily pains can be helped to heal by bringing the brain’s attention to points that are out of balance. This can open the way for deeper energy healing and feeling of well-being. If you have a condition that cannot be handled by conventional medicine, Sujok healing can help immediately and in a sustained manner.

The best medicine for mind, body, life is smile. Start with smile, proceed with smile and stay with smile and healing will be successful.

Experiencing Sujok as student, receiver or healer is a pathway to Triorigin understanding of the universe within our mind, body and life as it connects to  universal energies.

india sujok gharana jaipur

With my teachers, mentors, colleagues of the India Sujok Gharana

And this way, whether or not you meet Prof. Park Jae Woo, you have been touched by his tremendous aura.


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What are Sujok Workshops all about?

Meenakshi Suri is  certified Lecturer and Life Member of the International Sujok Association, and of the Global India Sujok Gharana – conducting Sujok workshops and sessions.

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Sujok Workshops

Sujok Workshop Testimonials

Feedback from my first student, the wonderful Birgitta

Wonderful course with hand-on experience and book knowledge. Great setting and comfortable environment. I feel confident to give Sujok to others ~ Jean, Korea and US.

Very enriching. The layers and depth of information is amazing. ~ Vinita, India

It is a great course.  A healing method that produces effective result. ~ Terry, Cuba
The course is challenging and full of new information that I have not encountered before. I enjoyed a lot how the different topics integrate very well at the end of the course. ~ Myra, Puerto Rico
Excellent course. This course is well -planned starting with a strong foundation and expanding slowly but keeping a simple and accessible language.  I want to know more. However, it is easy to implement from Day one. ~ Teresita, Cuba
I am really satisfied for the level of the classes and the skills of Meenakshi as a teacher. ~ Leda, Dominican Republic

Wonderful experience. ~ Rita, India

Sujok Therapy Presentation

Very interesting. Very healing. Thank you. I would like to be a student of Sujok therapy. ~ Carina

Your presentation was wonderful. The visual powerpoint presentation helped very much to understand the purpose and how Sujok works. You were entertaining and had everyone interested. Thank you! ~ Marianna

I am grateful for your knowledge and your will to share. I will like to cure myself and learn your knowledge and also be able to share it too. Thank you very much. ~ Carmen

Thanks for a wonderful presentation. I really enjoyed it and feel empowered to know that I can take my health into my own hands -literally!!!! It is always nice to get a group of women together and share information.
~ Marlene


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Sujok therapy is not just going for the correspondence points in hands. Sense the consciousness of the person in front of us. It shows in the hands.

The hands and feet are remote controls for the health of the body. One of the most wonderful gifts of Prof. Park Jae Woo is to show us how the standard system of correspondence is a direct representation of the body on the hand. It is easy to understand and remember because it is so natural. A gift of the Creator Spirit to every human being..

hands universe open eyes

Open your hands to lift the veils that cloud your understanding.

~ Who is the healer?
~ Between Illness and Wellness the difference is I vs We
This lesson is taught by all holistic healers. Smile healing helps us to take this deeper than understanding, deeper than knowing, deeper than believing, into the very cells of our body, the particles that infuse our being, until they merge with the smile.

Smile is the healer: Soul smile [Neuto] in Mind smile [Hetero], Body smile [Homo], Life smile [Neutro]

Sujok is not a cookie-cutter form of healing. Each session is customized to the person who is with the healer. Each session is with the ailment that is presenting itself. There is no ‘one size fits all’ – except the smile. Triorigin smile energies harmonize every ailment.
With Triorigin smile, the healer can assess and deliver the treatment necessary to help heal.

Why does Sujok Therapy bring a smile to a person’s face? We can immediately feel a benefit – it can be lessening or removal of a pain, or it can be an indefinable sense of wellbeing. Most important, the therapist attempts to help the receiver to sense the healing energy within them – the serene smile. As a system of holistic healing, Sujok Smile Healing helps the inner healer to awaken.

Sujok smile healing is a complete, holistic healing system. Using simple tools, we can discover the underlying imbalances in organs, parts of the body or energy systems and help to stimulate the correspondence points that bring the person back to a harmonious state.

In other words, a Sujok therapist can locate a problem in many different ways, and help to heal it in many different ways.
Keep learning. Keep studying. Keep unfolding. This is the smile spirit of Prof. Park, Jae Woo whose healing system is open to all the systems of healing in the world. This Neutro consciousness will bring in a smile civilization.
hand light vapors
The gift of the hand is fully expressed through Sujok .

We can feel two ways:

“fight-flight” under stress when the body is trying to help us survive
“rest- digest” when we the body is recovering, repairing, growing.
Both reactions are under the control of the autonomic nervous system. If it is imbalanced, there is no known cure in medical science, and diseases can develop.

Smile consciousness can help to bring our daily reactions from fight-flight to rest-digest


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