I am grateful for the paths I’ve chosen in this journey, for the guides I’ve met and the ones I’ve been able to guide, for the challenges I’ve faced and may have been.  The angels who walk and tinkle their messages.

Many human guides have helped me to ground, earth and expand my energy in my own journey into wholeness. I would like to acknowledge them as their aura touches you too.

Step 1- Expansion

Taveta Grant, whose weekly meditation sessions, attunement to Reiki, Magnified Healing and so much more,  helped me to recover my childhood  my spirituality, heal traumas and transition from a life of suppressing my essence to revealing it. In a world where even a mention of meditation was considered ‘woo-woo’, this was a coming-out as revolutionary as the better-known one!

Step Two- Grounding

Mother Earth, Gaia, and K’sitew of the Cree ways,  whose Hoop Reiki blessings and new moon journeying brought me to merge with my Mother Earth. The words that I used to sign off with, became even more meaningful: The deeper you ground, the higher you soar. All chakras aligned, and ready to soar! These two steps helped me through the time when few people were open to seeing that the healer is the Creator; that Reiki is not a ‘healing technique’ but a means to unfold self, and that we need to be earth-focused.

No-Step- The Mountains descended.

What can I say about Swami Shraddhananda, who introduced himself as ‘Eli’? He descended from the Himalayas to bring us a message, and gave me a mission that helped me to see that this world is worth living in, after all, that the flatlands also have beauty, and that if I am placed in Florida, the mountains can still be reached. Thanks to his simple message, I received the Gaia Minute message from Gaia and a new understanding and emotional openness has come into my life.

Step Three – Earthing

I am deeply grateful to my most amazing teacher   SJ T Sunil Mahajan who saw a person floating, and realized I needed to come down to earth! He opened a portal for me as he introduced me to Sujok and to approach healing with clarity and in a systematic and authentic way.  The floodgates opened, and I began to teach and offer healing in all the modalities I’d been attuned to.

SJ T Anju Gupta is a generous, compassionate, continuing mentor and guide in Sujok therapy, with so much knowledge at her fingertips. I am deeply grateful to the inspiring SJ T Bhupinder Kaur whose essence of Triorigin smile shows in the fount of knowledge emanating from her work. She is an unending and generous source of information about Professor Park, Jae Woo’s teachings.

Drs. Minchul Park

Step Four – Radiating

I am deeply grateful to you, who have reached out or responded to me for healing for learning, because together, we unfold into the beautiful smile world.

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