The Chakra Smile

From an article I wrote 11 Septembers ago:

Are you prepared to take a chakkar – a stroll?  We are going to take a chakkar through our chakras. As they whirl and open up, our chakras form a labyrinth of light. Taking our own light with us, of our guides, loved ones, inner strength – we are confident that as we go in, so can we come out.

How interesting that 11 years later, a wonderful friend persuaded me to give another course on chakras. So much more has been learned now. The chakras as studied by Professor Park, Jae Woo, for instance, which we can access on the hands.

New information is given all the time, through our own chakra energy centers. They are as intimate to us as our breath. One of the ways we can use this knowing, is to touch each sujok chakra with Existence Spirit in our thumbs, and sense that divine smile that Professor Park, Jae Woo created. In this way, we are using the chakra points on our hands and fingers as mudras.



In loving light