What is hidden from view is something beautiful
Energies of healing
Actions of a person of humility
Compassion of an ascended being

To view these hidden beauties, we become them. We become healing, humble, compassionate. In like vibration, these energies show their vibrant colours, sounds, flow.

What is hidden from view is something beautiful shining behind something that is not
The healing energy present in a person’s aura just before ailments show up in body, mind, life, soul.
The conciliatory actions of a person of humility who seems to be bearing the abuse of others.
The compassion of an ascended being who does not interfere in the process of human relationships, however horrible they seem.

To know these deeply hidden gifts one focuses single-pointedly on the gift of the Divine – the human life in all its dimensions.

What is hidden, often evokes fear. What is hidden is dark, and in ignorance we feel that dark is ‘bad’, ‘evil’. Go beyond and watch for the light behind the fearful aspect. The single point of dark is the source of all that is. Creation arises from the Divine, and that divinity is within  you. One day you know that even before the creation, is the smile that holds all the energies of this universe.

On that day, you are never without the smile. On that day, the hidden begins to smile at you from everywhere.

star forming galaxy

This picture from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope shows the most distant gravitational lens yet discovered. The glow at the center of this picture is the central regions of a normal galaxy. By chance it is precisely aligned with a much more remote, young star-forming galaxy. The light from the more distant object is bent around the nearer object by its strong gravitational pull to form a ring of multiple images. (Photo : NASA/ESA/A. Van der Wel)

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