It’s ok to say: I AM a Healer

One day in one space, everyone in the world  knows how to heal themselves. Until then, until we are in that awareness, we need one another….as givers and receivers, teachers and students.

Yes, healing is from the Source and of the Source that we call God, Creator, Light, Creator Spirit, Existence Spirit or the Nameless, Fathomless source of Love, Light, Smile, Being.

But if as a human being you spend your time, thought, and heart energy to help a person experience healing, it’s okay to say it. It really is.  You may do this in the role of teacher, in the role of student, in the role of patient, in the role of doctor. You may help another by your strength or your weakness, but if you are aware of what you are doing, and someone asks what you do, or what you are, it’s okay to say:

I AM a healer.

Healer- Alex Grey

awareness heals

And as you say it, you surrender to the Light that flows through us, connecting us in wholeness.

For what is healing? It is awareness.


In loving light,


©2015 Meenakshi Suri

Shared under Creative Commons License. Please share response-ably.