Have you found the key?

When we ask for something the universe always answers.
If we focus on a desire we cannot see the answer. So, in our journey to wholeness, we are shown how to upgrade desires into intention.
1. Become aware \nof a wish or desire (Neuto)
2. Ask for what you want (Hetero)
3. Make an intention. (Homo)
4. Release your intention into the elements of the Earth, in loving gratitude, feeling its manifestation will help the whole world. (Neutro)

How does the universe respond? It provides a key. To recognize the key, keep your senses alert, perspective wide.

Do not focus on the wish. Stay open. Conscious.

The key does not look like what you want. It may be an invitation, an event, a thought, a dream. Say yes!

Are you open to using the key? If not, you have wasted the desire that the universe implanted into you.

The key will help you unlock one door, or a succession of locked doors. The manifestation may be immediate or take time. Stay in loving gratitude, for you have uncovered an amazing secret:

We are the keys that unlock the universe that is birthing. Stay tuned.

Image gratitude www

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