Caterpillars aren’t just butterflies-in-waiting

When we seek the symbolism of animals in our life, what’s important is, not just which animal we are seeing but also: what we were seeking when we saw it, what it was doing, what we felt when we saw it, what was the interaction between you and the animal? What else happened? And so on.

As mystics we think of caterpillars as the first stage of butterfly life; as gardeners w\n#\nere torn between grappling with them as garden pests or happy they will grow into butterflies one day,but the little one with the huge appetite is not just a butterfly-evolving. Caterpillars have a personality all their own, and I was delighted to encounter one today, just after I had dug a hole, perhaps the deepest I’ve dug in my life, with my mother-in-law’s inspiring words echoing in my head (work with your own hands).
By all means, read what experts have written, but only to trigger your inner knowing- not to drown it.
~~ 🐛
She must have been on the tomato plant. Got shaken when I dug a hole to replanted the plant in a more conducive part of the garden (I hope!).
She didn’t waste time bemoaning her fate. Immediately began to millimeter her way to find her old home, or failing that, a new one.
I didn’t have the heart to remove her from the tomato bush!

Later, when I thought to move her to a more established, hummingbird tree, she had disappeared.

What are you learning from this new moon caterpillar story?

Looking at the sunrise agnihotra fire, which I performed before gardening, I wonder: is this flaming caterpillar a harbinger of what came later?

Living in wonder


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