Enjoy living in this world.

Many are on a journey to wholeness.
There are many paths from that wholeness, that lead to the colors of our wonderful world.
Isn’t it wonderful to discover the world we live in? To enjoy the different sounds, shapes, sensations that bring variety everywhere? To walk our own paths, feel the space around us, give space to one another? Allow one another to follow their own paths through life? I’m blessed to belong to a family that gave each person that freedom; there are families that speak with one voice, and it is difficult to know who really feels what they say.
I enjoy the colors of the rainbow, because that is the gift we have been given in this world.
Enjoy, live, secure while you wander…
Isn’t it wonderful to know that we are all inter-connected, and can never be lost to one another?
Let us walk the earth’s pathways in harmony, following our hearts, and once a day, become aware that we are always in sync.
Together, we journey in wholeness.

With a nod and smile to the Hetero, Homo and Neutro Triorigin forces that make up our world.

I would love to know the artist. Please identify yourself <3

I would love to know the artist. Please identify yourself ❤