One great expansive dream

Have one great expansive dream. A dream so wonderful, so beautiful, so grand, that it makes you beam and beam and smile!

Let go the idea that it is wrong to dream, to daydream, to envision. Let go the fear that once you see that dream you will not be satisfied until you can achieve it. Don’t be scared to dream, to imagine, to visualize a world in which you would always be happy, always be smiling, always be contented, always be effective.

What we dream about, what we imagine, what we visualize, comes from a deep space of inner knowing. A place that transcends space and time and yet exists, and is very real.  This dream is a  remembering, not just a state of being. It is as real as your next breath. It is already within you, so it  is driving you in your everyday world.

Without your knowing, that one great expansive dream is propelling your action, informing your decisions. Not acknowledging this dream causes you discomfort, pain, neuroses, disease, a life lived without color, without smile.

You don’t need to live a life without passion. You can find your smile, your happiness, your life that you came to this world to live.

I can’t show you your dream, and mine doesn’t have to be yours. Yet, as we begin to dream together, and to bring the feeling from that dream out into this world, we will together co-create a world that is better for all.

Meditate in groups, get started with a guided meditation, then be free. The moon is waxing to fullness. An excellent time to visualize your dream.



How do we dream? Some resources to get you started.

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