Reiki smile consciousness

You are happy most of the time even though you have become more aware of both light and shadow.

With courage, you see more clearly the reflections  and shadows and are amazed at the light and dark hiding within. You see the layers  within yourself and thus within others. You sense the ugly hiding in beauty, and love gushes out  to show you the beauty shining within ugliness;  tears that hide behind smiles and smiles behind tears. At first this may imbalance you, but you have found the spring that is your center, and you can quickly come back to drink of  its clarity.


You are walking in healing, and people will feel comfort in showing you their pain, sensing the love you radiate that will help them find their own smile within.

You see the light behind the dark, the dark behind the light, and the smile within all.

You choose to stay detached, walking the fine line : taking responsibility for your actions, thoughts and feelings and also realizing how we absorb from, respond and react to  one another. Gradually boundaries of ‘I’ dissolve into the ‘I AM.’ The mists of ego clear to reveal Ever-Greater-Oneness.You glimpse the oneness that sings the notes of each soul, and know that self is serving Self.

You become aware of the expanded boundaries of self, and the interplay among the auras of people, animals  and plant forms you are physically,mentally  or psychically near. You begin to see that serving others brings you  smile, because the ‘other’ is you, and teh happiness of near and dear ones impacts you. You become aware that your happiness is radiating out to those around you, as it is pure, innocent, inclusive.  From doing acts of healing you become a being who is a source of healing.

You have reached the smile that flows in the universal energy of this life, within every cell, every atom, every presence in this wonderful world.

~Meenakshi Suri

Journey to wholeness workshops bring the Smile to Reiki and Reiki to the Smile  for the source of all is love.