A sore throat sings out

If you have a physical ailment, and to keep your immunity up, you can use a physical remedy and infuse it with Higher Vibrational ingredients.

A recipe to increase your immunity, soothe a sore throat or cough.

In short, you can drink or gargle with a glass of warm water with a teaspoon each of turmeric powder and salt.

To increase the vibration, do this after your five gratitude thoughts in the morning. Thoughts of love and gratitude will infuse the water crystals and help them to enter your body, interacting with the M- particles or particles of smile within the cells.
Raise the vibration even further with an intention:

As I heal my body may the effect radiate outward to all who are open to healing their body.

Raise the vibration even further:

May the healing power of this water extend to all the waters of the planet Earth and its inhabitants.

As we know, water makes up 75% or more of the physical earth, and also our physical bodies. Metaphysically, it is associated with emotion, and Prof. Emoto’s work on water crystals showed us how our emotions affect the water near us.

So, the ingredients for this high vibration remedy are:

Now drink or gargle with this water with presence.  And so it is.
Then gurgle with joy! Sing out a mantra. Smile…..

turmsaltwater vib

Coming together:
Water crystal of love and gratitude by Emoto
Turmeric salt water from the web
Deva of Glastonbury Tor

The physical body can take time to repair itself. The brain needs to be re-trained to focus on the body’s healing. Therefore, repeat this every day until you feel better.
Since it’s legally necessary, a disclaimer: remember that if you have a medical condition, please contact a medical doctor for advice related to any remedy. This information is given as a help, and not meant to replace medical advice.