Navratri: Gifts of the Goddess

Three major goddess forces are with us during Navratri, the Nine Divine Nights when the Goddess consciousness shines in our world.

I feel the order in which the Goddesses appear, is the Triorigin Functional or Operational Order that helps us to live in this world.



Devi MahaDurga, as the Triorigin Hetero force, brings courage, strength and power to face life. She has nine aspects, and each day of Navratri (Nine Nights), a different aspect is revealed. Keep growing in Durga’s gifts to live this life with joy.



Devi Mahalakshmi, as the Triorigin Neutro force, bestows wealth , prosperity, success that help us to live happily in this world. Keep Lakshmi’s gifts flowing to bring happiness to yourself and others.


Goddess Saraswati

Devi Saraswati, as Triorigin Homo force, is the wealth of knowledge, skills, culture, wisdom that feed our worldly success. Keep growing, expanding, deepening Saraswati’s gifts of light through many windows to have an unending resource of success in this world.


To invoke the Goddess is to acknowledge the Divinity that blesses us in many different forms. It allows us to dwell on our different facets as we journey into wholeness. The goddess as Innocence, Purity, Strength with her smiling creative energy, can be mother, warrior, fierce fighter, resplendent and a granter of boons.
You are complete in yourself, and as you become aware of your different facets, you bring a fresh, vibrant, strong and enduring presence into your life.
You develop your whole self, and begin to move from yearning to fulfillment, from dissatisfaction to happiness, from distress to expansion.
From seeking to impress others, you seek to enjoy one another; from seeking to control, you move to self-expression; from a superficial momentary pleasure we move to enduring bliss.

In loving light
©2018 Meenakshi Suri🌷

More about the Navadurgas or nine forms of the Goddess on
In gratitude to Professor Park Jae Woo for Triorigin Theory.