Let go of the restraining wheel

L光ight F☸cus for T☼ day

At the heart of every religion, is the core of spiritual evolvement.

Within the sapling is the seed it is growing from, and the seed it will birth.

Once you reach it, you are truly free, you are one with all, the seeming separateness of theology and teaching dissolves.

Once the sapling grows into a tree, it can stand tall, straight, be independent, strong, graceful.

If spiritual laziness prevents people from reaching that sacred inner space – Why blame religions?

Don’t blame the training wheel if it becomes a restraining wheel. Bless it, thank it for its aid.

Then let it go.

Every system has a way out through a way in – to the light. When you find it, pass through in love.

Breathing in, light infuses my being
Particles of love lighten every aspect of my being
Breathing out, I smile.

Loving light radiates the planet. We are all blessed. Let us stay in this awareness, and return to it whenever we falter.

People sometimes come feeling blocked and in pain because of their religious experience. Go deeper, to the real essence, go further into the actual knowledge, take the steps you need to take and the pain dissolves. Don’t just curse the priest who chided you or the ritual that you followed mindlessly. Look at it for what it is. Then move on. Together, we journey in wholeness. We just have to wake up and see that light!

I found this image particularly interesting, because the sign says ‘No Outlet’! Really? I can find at least five ways to get out!

a way out

Up up and awayyyy! ©2015 Meenakshi Suri