Can you see the aura?

This conversation has been repeated a few times in the past year:

“I’ve heard that you can see auras,”
“No, I can’t,” I say gently.
“I think you are seeing my aura”, the other insists.
“I can sense your energy; but not see with these physical eyes”, I reply.

sense aura

We all radiate our thoughts, feelings, emotions, ideas.. outward. Ergo, we all have auras.
We sense one another’s moods, thoughts, feelings.Ergo, we are all empathic.
What is the difference between one who sees auras and one who does not see? Self-awareness. Not realizing one’s own sensitivity. Some are born clairvoyant, many can develop this.
What is the difference between ‘one’ aura and ‘another’? Consciousness.
How do you bridge that gap?
Keep learning, absorbing, experiencing with awareness. Find a facilitator, a guru, a teacher, a workshop – whatever you find calling out to you, or answering your call. Then open to receive. Not just from the other, but from your own self.
In this journey to wholeness, we are all together.
In loving light