The heart may have no words

Sometimes you wait for words of love, but the heart may have no words.

Sometimes you seek words of solace, but compassion may have no words.

Sometimes you look for words of wisdom, but light may have no words.

Sometimes you seek what you cannot voice, and all that you seek is found.

What we seek is within the silence. Connect to the silence often, and specially when you are feeling a lack of something in your life. To connect to the silence, you can do meditative exercises like taiji, qigong, sama dancing, or yoga, sitting or walking meditation, visualization, chanting, until you enter wordless prayer.

journey wholeness inner self

In that still silent spaciousness, you will find:
the love you longed for,
the solace you waited for,
the wisdom you sought.

You will find a smile of great serenity which you did not even realize you were seeking.

When you sense that smile in every particle of your being, it is time to come to the reality of this everyday world. Emerge! Bring that smile with you. That gift of love, solace and wisdom.

You will see who has been in that space with you. There are people you see in your daily life who cannot voice love, show solace or wield words of wisdom, but they are beaming love, compassion and wisdom to you from their heart. Once you see this, your pain transforms, and you know peace.

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Everyday, have a daily practice that allows you to go within. Merge. You are now synchronized with others in the world who are going within. Smile.

Emerge into a smile world.

©2014 Meenakshi Suri

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