So many koans

There was a time in your existence when your essence descended into two cells:  a sperm in a man’s body, an ovum in a woman’s body. From that time, the two called to each other. Or perhaps the essence descended into an ovum just after it had been fertilized by a sperm.

When does life begin? When does the soul enter a body? Is there an exact word answer to this, which can be acceptable to all?

No. These are not questions that will get an answer in words. These are koans* which set us on a path of discovery.

Each thought is attractive in its own way: we were once an ovum and a sperm, seeking each other. We are now two souls seeking each other; we were two souls that became one. There is a lot of  writing now, about soul families, twin flames, twin souls and so on. Is there an exact, clear-cut answer that satisfies you? No. These thoughts also flow as koans – they are not meant to be definitive. Neither are they meant to be dismissed.

For the sense that we are fragmented, not quite whole, almost seems to be encoded in our DNA, burned into our soul, stitched into our essence. This is why many teachers have told us since times ancient, to know ourselves, to know Self. After all, we just accept that we have DNA, but have we seen or sensed it? We accept that we are a soul for we sense it. What else do we accept on faith and what have we learned through our own body and inner senses?

Sometimes, step out of the question, and see where it is leading. Then look back to where it arose.

On our Journey to wholeness, questions can lead to some great discoveries.

What are you asking yourSelf today?

Meenakshi Suri

~boat man

A koan is defined in the Merriam Webster dictionary as : a paradox to be meditated upon that is used to train Zen Buddhist monks to abandon ultimate dependence on reason and to force them into gaining sudden intuitive enlightenment