To meet in purity

To meet one another in purity – that is the greatest gift we can receive and radiate.

Asking nothing of one another,  sensing the essence of the other through one’s own essence, is the purest form of duality – when we are just one step away from oneness- when the separation has taken place, of I and you; and yet from the essence of ‘my’self we see the essence of  ‘your’ self.

Many moons ago, a wonderful being came into my life. Eli, he called himself. Swami Shraddhasudhasharananda, he later revealed himself. He did not care what he was called; did not seek to be a guru, though he shone the light for so many of us; did not seek and would not receive any material gifts. What he did, was give: a task and a promise- both, a gift. A prayer project that revealed itself as the Gaia Minute, a task to spread his message of daily wordless prayer, a promise that even after he left his physical body, he will not leave our presence.


When we meet in healing and meditation, the opportunity to sense the essence presents itself.  Have you attended workshops, meditations, where the teacher could not understand what you already knew; the host was speaking at you, rather than to you? I was at a meditation where the wonderful host, for a while, had been shaken by some third-dimension events. She could not see the essence of the ones in front of her. But when we all meditated together the purity came through, and we all spiraled into a healing dimension. The singing bowls sounded in harmony, digiredoos responded, and souls  souls responded in harmonic symphony.


To play this game of life, to act in this universal drama, and seemingly exist in the three-dimensional, soul puts on some garments. Self separates as you, me, mind, body, life, and the player loses herself in the play.

When the mind is detached from the senses
One reaches the summit of consciousness.
Mastery of the mind leads to wisdom.
Practice meditation. Stop all vain talk.
The highest state is beyond reach of thought,
For it lies beyond all duality.

The Amritabindu Upanishad,The Hidden Self translated by EKNATH EASWARAN

How beautiful that when you seek, you find the perfect quote.

How beautiful that in stillness, the soul can be.

How beautiful that in coming together, the essence sings.

In loving light

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