Light into the shadows

If we feel that things aren’t going the way we’d like, it’s likely we are sabotaging ourselves with the way we perceive, the thoughts we’re holding on to, the memories we can’t shake off.

All that you suppress, dislike, hide, deny within yourSelf becomes your shadow. Celestial events like the solstice and new moon, offer a good opportunity to shake off these self-sabotaging habits.

  • This month, solstice is on the 21st, when the sun is longest in the sky, and before it reverses its direction. New moon, when the sun, earth and moon are aligned in a way that we cannot see the moon, is on the 23rd. A perfect time to take that light into what we can’t see!


  1. Call on your spirit guides and mentors
  2. Create a  space that seems sacred to all your senses
  3. With the help of hummingbird, a personal crystal, an animal guide or a mantra like Um or Om, enter with an intention to come back at a certain time.
  4. Breathe a long cleansing breath out. Feel anxiety, doubt, worries, fears, leaving you. Then, 3 light  breaths: Breathe in light. Breathe out light.
  5. Allow an affirmative intention about what you are seeking to manifest, to rise from your beart. Write it down.
  6. When something comes up that’s distressing, see it in this sacred light. It will dissolve and show you tbe light it was covering. When something comes up that’s pleasant, see it in this sacred light. It will dissolve and show you tbe brighter light it was covering.
  7. Keep going until you feel it’s time to.come back. Your light accompanies you all the way, never dimming nor hiding the shadows. It forms a thread to take you in, and bring you out.

Go with smile. That’s how we’ve come to thrive in this life!

In loving light


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