The healer’s journey

As a channel of healing energy, we can dedicate ourselves to serve the loving light in this world.
Who is ‘the healer’?
Not you. Not I. We.

Together, as I facilitate you to see the light within you, healing occurs. As a healing channel, I connect light to light in light. Love to love in love.

The loving light is within us all. It may be hidden and that is the work of the healer: to find that light, to see it not just ‘out there’ as if it is separate from us, but to see it within the person who is in pain as clearly as we see it within ourselves. Then, all merges. We are not seeing the loving light, we are being .
Thus, all receive. All give. Balanced energy exchange at many levels. This balance radiates out to all who are near and dear to us, expanding out to encompass the world that is in our hearts and in whose hearts we are.
That is why healing channels don’t need to advertise. We just need to inform: we are here. Are you looking for a way out? A way forward? A look back? A clear mirror? A closer focus? A wider perspective?
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