Are you ready? To be human

We forgot.
We came here – a spark of pure love
We were met with the grey hues of harshness
We forgot we came to be human.

We saw.
We saw the sleeping ones blinded by our shining self
We toned down the light
In doing so, we slept.

While sleeping, we dreamed of the space we come from
While awake in this world, we were asleep to that one
We were confused, shaken, split apart, disoriented
We confused others by our light and shadow,

The words of wise ones,  visions of ascended beings reminded us
You are spirit. You are pure soul, a spark of Divine creation.
You are whole, you are …. on earth for a purpose.
As we awakened, we ‘became spiritual’, leaving behind dogma from all traditions, embracing light within all.
More awakened, and earth ascended.

it is now time to walk the earth. This is what we came for. Not to become spiritual but to be human, not to be just this or just that. To be whole, to shine  when outdoors, and dim when indoors, to look at ourselves, and at one another, to acknowledge that we are one, but not the same. We have come here to walk, swim, float, run, dance, sing, work with one another. Are you doing this, dear one?

I got a call from a prospective mother yesterday…Will I have a spiritual experience with my unborn child? And I asked – are you ready for a human experience with her when she is born?

Earth mother and we, who are born on her with bodies born of her – are we ready for a human experience with her? Then let’s acknowledge her, tend her, allow her to nurture us, and once in a while, just sit with her in silence, listening to her song.

It’s time to remember. Remember who we are, and why we are.

It is raining today. The sun is also shining. The sky is blue and I see only white clouds. Birds sing, wind whispers, leaves dance, and trees are still…This world smiles in moments of magic.

smiles moment magic ms

Breathe it in
With every pore of your body
Breathe in
Now radiate.

It is your breath that makes you human, the heart that receives and radiates that keeps us human.
For all pure spirit who walk the earth as human, there are wonderful ways to adapt and enjoy this multi-hued universe. Explore, absorb, and share. That is our work, that is our service, that is our happiness.

In loving light

Together, we Journey in Wholeness