COnnect to COmpassion

Today I focus on the CO in Compassion.
I see that ‘co’ suggests co-mmunity ,COnnection, CO-existence, CO-operation,  CO-njunction….
These are all aspects of compassion, and yet there is no synonym for compassion. There is no other word that can describe the fullness, depth and heights of compassion.
Compassion can be entered into with words, but once within it, there are no words.
As I focus on the CO of Compassion, the understanding of compassion expands. I am able to go deeper into the flowering ocean of compassion where all living beings are blessed.
Drink in the fragrance of compassion, allow it to enter from every pore of your being, and you will see it exuding from every pore of being.
Compassion spills out of your eyes, your touch, your fragrance, your presence.
Let COmpassion be your COmpanion today.

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~ Meenakshi Suri