Your heart makes you human

Even before we take birth, the heart is alive, its beat sustaining your unfoldment into a human body.

Even before you came to be, the heart energy is active, its force bringing together a sperm and ovum that merge in a moment of triumph to become one.

Even before that moment of merging, is a miniscule moment of unconditional love of the yang forces and the yin, giving, receiving.

For heart is an organ, a river of energy, a wheel spinning with the universal force, an aura that radiates to the world around you.

We call the organ by many names – dill, hriday, corazón,hjärta….

It is the heart that makes us human.

And heart is a flow of a river that springs from the region of the heart and moves towards the small intestine, eyes, lungs, arms. You receive the love of the world through the flow of this heart meridian, absorb its gifts through the heart meridian, radiate them out through the energy of  heart infusing your actions.

Anahata heart chakra lotus

The heart chakra is the anahata, and its energy is wind and its seed sound, or bija mantra is  yuhm.

You can feel the beat of your own heart, as it responds to your feelings, and sometimes influences them. If it palpitates, you realize you are anxious. If it is calm, so are you.

You are your heart and your heart is you.

You can feel my heart and the heart of someone you may never meet, and they can feel yours. For the energy of the heart radiates out in an aura that disperses equally in all directions.

Settle yourself, move your muscles to take three breaths.

Thou didst create the earth according to thy heart.
~ Pharaoh Ikhnaton [Akhenaten], Hymn to the Sun , 14th C BC

Meditate on this for a while. With the song of the Anahata playing, [Playlist of Anahata chakra ]

Breath one is the yang breath, the Hetero force….

cosmic ray heart

Breathe in the love of the universe
Feel the heart energy flowing into you
In the heart of the Creator Spirit, we are.

sun sunrise arms ms website

Receive. Absorb. Radiate.

Breath two is the yin breath, the Homo force…
earth heart gaiaminute ms

Breathe in the love of Mother Earth
Feel your heart meridian spring to a new life
Connected in Mother Earth – Heart we are

heart1 meridian

Receive. Absorb. Radiate.

Breath three is the unified yin-yang breath, the Neutro force..

love gathering sacred meditation circle

Breathe in the love of all of nature, people, animals, things around you
Breath meets at your heart, from sun and earth, and radiates out into your aura
Connected in this life, we are.

Receive. Absorb. Radiate.

The heart organ. Heart meridian. Anahata chakra. Explore these to know the consciousness of the heart. It has the freeing energy of wind that connects us all.

Receive what you will.
Absorb what you can.
Radiate all you receive.
The flows of loving energy are inexhaustible.

 Heart Universal Makes All Natural

The heart that makes you human is the heart that shows you are divine.

In loving light

Words and images where indicated ©2015 Meenakshi Suri