Mental Health Awareness

Mind is the energy that leads us here and there. It’s usually called ‘monkey-mind.’
To me, mind seems like the dove sent out by Noah to seek dry land: Have the waters receded? So many meanings here- all enlightening the mind!
Working with people who have mental health issues is to understand that they are showing us their truth. The world as it seems to them. We need to first accept this, and then help them find a way out of a virtual reality that is attacking them.
If the mentally ill person feels troubled, disturbed but feels s/he is normal, does not seek help, feeling s/he is fine in a world that is wrong, what can we do?
As family members, keep our own energy clear, clean, be scrupulous in staying away from negative thoughts, because the person can be empathic and be deeply affected by our thoughts. Form a ring of clarity and cleanliness around them.
There is more, and we can talk about it.
But do you see? Even a mentally ill person can help bring light into this world.
In loving light