Entering Akash

You’ve heard, perhaps, of Akash. In Hindi, it means ‘sky’. It’s often translated as ether.

Akash, said my mother, has everything in it – all words spoken and unspoken, all your thoughts, feelings, emotions. It’s fascinating, isn’t it? Why do you think we respond to one another’s  voice and expression, tone of voice as well as glint in the eye?

I’m getting ahead of myself; but then that’s Akash: beyond time and space, and yet co-existing, or rather, co-being with what we call time and space.

I am not…. my name, my roles, my karma, my duties, responsibilities. shedding them by the wayside, I know they wait for me as I walk the light path into the Akash.

In today’s wholeness circle, we journeyed the Akash.

Each received a revelation. Some forgot in donning once again that which makes us walk as humans on earth.

Akash is within the space of the particles of our being. Everything we have or will think, feel, do, sense is there.
Let go, let go, let go of all that you wear around yourSelf to walk this earth, and you enter the sacred space where Self and the ethers merge in time-spacelessness

self universe akash

The lemurian crystal can take you there; so can the merkaba; visualization guides you there; yet ….you are akash in the spaces between breaths for it is not we who journey to akash, but akash that  walks this material existence with us.