Are you attracting what you do not like?

Sometimes, what seems to be coming AT you, is seeking what is sensed THROUGH you. We can then move into healing mode to improve the situation, or victim mode to worsen it.

buddha mara

As healer you understand that what you are facing on the surface is not what you are attracting. The  event or person that is troublesome or unpleasant  is not the problem; it is the expression of a problem that someone else is facing, and it is being expressed to you because they are seeking the healing light that you channel through.  It can be the light of love, of acknowledgment, of acceptance, of understanding, or even the light of transformation, transmuting, that helps to take their pain away. Keep the light flowing! Don’t get in its way! Stay in healing; don’t get caught in the entropic egoic energy of raw reaction as in ‘Why is s/he shouting at me?” or “Why is this happening to me?”

This is the true understanding of the little understood phrases  that ‘you attract what you give out’, or that ‘the world is a reflection of you’. We first need to  understand this truth, and then, to practice it.


Remember, turbulent waters cannot reflect clearly, nor can voices in the blustery wind be easily heard.  The forces of nature help us to understand the nature of forces that people seem to be throwing at us. When someone is shouting, think of the wind blustering, and go within where it whispers the silent truth of their pain. Give out your response as a gentle zephyr, quiet, fragrant, calming, helping the flower to unfold its own fragrance. When   you feel buffeted by the stormy waves of life, surrender to the still silent space of the sacred depths within. When you feel your light is not seen even by the one/s you’re seeking to help, know that it is the turbulence that is hiding the lighthouse from the traveler.


Do not allow yourself to be drowned in them. Allow them to find the light they seek THROUGH you. Not FROM you, not OF you, but THROUGH you.

The outer situation and event hides the light within. The event has an underlying cause. The even deeper knowing is that this is true even for situations, events and people which are pleasant, pleasing, enjoyable. These too, are going towards the light streaming from within you.

Experience, feel, then let both go: the pleasant and the unpleasant.  Prof. Park said simply:  Good is good; Bad is also good. Or, Bad is bad; good is also bad. As the Buddha said, stay in the center, not moved either by praise or blame.


A story for the child within :

Once a horse came to the river, wanting to drink. The river was in full flow, so all he had to do was lower his head and drink. After he drank, he saw that his colt had not only drunk the water but was relieving himself in the same river. It was okay. The river carried the waste away. It became no matter. The sun and air helped the urine to vaporize and the river flowed on.

The river bank held the flow of the river, the river-bed stayed unaffected. That is what a channel of healing is. The river bed, the river banks. Not the river itself. The flow, but not the water. The water, not the inexhaustible pure spring.


A few months later the horse came once again to the river. This time, many others came along. Not finding enough water on the river bank, they went closer to the center. This time, the water was not enough because a dam had been built upstream and they remained thirsty, not leaving the site. Some relieved themselves near the river and the flow was inadequate to cleanse. The water became dirty. The river bed held on to the waste. The river could not cleanse itself even though the spring kept gushing with pure water which could not flow freely.

The rivers of our planet, the air of our planet, are no longer able to transmute, to remain pure. But we as healers, travelers on the path of wholeness, can do so. Remain balanced. Keep your thoughts focused on what you want to manifest, not what you do not want. Keep your actions focused on flow.

Light emerges from a source that is inexhaustible. You are a channel of light. A channel of knowledge. A channel of love. Keep the channel clear.

As we do this, joining others around the planet in sync, we begin to cleanse the elements within and without, and harmony flows in the planet.


©2014 Meenakshi Suri
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