The purity of a healing touch

It is natural to touch something or someone that is hurt. The moment we feel pain, we touch the part of the body that is feeling pain. When we see someone in distress, we hold their hand or touch or hug them.

Nothing much is needed for a healing touch – just a heart of compassion. It is in animals, in humans, and when you are very still, you see it in the plants, trees, and sense it in the stones, crystals, and elements of our Mother Earth. When your heart is wide open, you feel Gaia’s hug – the embrace of all beings on Earth, whether sentient or insentient, living or nonliving,  present in the physical or in spirit.

However, have you seen? Not everyone is open to touch.  Have you felt? Not every touch is healing. Some people do not like to be touched. Perhaps they are sensitive, and can sense that the touch they are receiving is pitying, not compassionate; condescending, not respectful. Perhaps they have been touched in a way that has hurt them, and their body automatically shies away from the touch of another.

That is the beauty of the healing touch  taught by different systems of healing. From helping hand to healing hand, from  supporting to helping each person who is open, to become self-reliant by connecting them directly to the source of energy.

Two systems are powerful, immediate and can be practiced on self or others. They do not make a person dependent on them, and are yet there whenever needed. They are Usui Reiki systems  practiced in the world since the 1800’s and Sujok Therapy system a system for this Now age with roots in all ancient and modern healing systems. They are simple to learn, can be learned by anyone and absorbed into the present level of  knowledge, spiritual growth  and consciousness. Each can stand alone or be incorporated into other systems.

Reiki is the healing of the Universal Life Force energy. Sujok derives healing from the Smile of Existence spirit that is the essence of all life on earth.

I was speaking yesterday to newly awakened Reiki and Sujok healers and as usually happens, learned something new as we were speaking to one another, clarifying some concepts.

What is the difference in your touch now that you are attuned to Reiki?  Your healing touch is now powered by intention, not wish or desire. It has the purity of detachment, for it is directed by the intention of the receiver and manifests for the highest good of all concerned. Your touch is healing because you are aware that healing flows not from you, but through you. You become aware of the presence of healers who are with you, just as you are present in many healing circles around the world. What you are giving to the world, is your intention of channeling the showers of Reiki where they are asked for, not interfering in the free will of another, not forcing change but facilitating it.

LIke the water channels the gardner makes between the flower beds, you channel the pure energy of Reiki, helping the flowers of consciousness to blossom.

What about Sujok? It conveys the smile of healing from hand to hand or foot . Deriving the energy of the Smile of Existence Spirit, Sujok therapy uses the reflection of the body on the hands and feet, arms and legs, to quickly and simply bring about relief from painful ailments, whether acute or chronic. The tools used are seeds, leaves, finger ki, or specially made massagers, micro magnets and so on.

I am blessed to offer workshops and healing sessions of both – Reiki and Sujok, in person or online. A healing session may incorporate both. Smile has come into the Reiki attunements, and Reiki is already present in finger ki of Sujok.  If you would like to schedule a presentation in your community, contact me! A team of healers are now present to help awaken all who are open and ready. Our  job is to inform that we are here. Yours is to contact if the message resonates.

Enjoying the paths to wholeness….

~ Meenakshi Suri