Who is your guardian angel?

Who is your guardian angel? Who helps you in the  stresses and distresses of life? Who helps you when you feel you need help?

I was looking at this photo I took a few days ago. It is a figure of Ganapthy, popularly known as Ganesh, which faces in two directions. I’ve always taken it as a guardian angel for our garden.

Ganesh Guarding Gaia's Garden

Ganesh Guarding Gaia’s Garden


Whenever you are distressed, something in your surroundings will seek to provide solace.

Start with yourself. Seek to remove your distress. Ganesh is the archetype that removes obstacles, and often our greatest obstacle is ourselves.

What do you need to remove the distress from your stress?
🌿Learn a way to help yourself
🌿Identify your well wishers
🌿Reach out for help from someone who can help you without getting strained themselves.
In loving light,

You can receive help from in-person or online sessions individually, with your family, or in groups.