A channel clears for the river of Reiki

Yesterday a beautiful one opened to channel the universal healing energy of Reiki. Since it was World Water Day, Reiki presented itself as water.

River of Reiki

‘Universal energy’ seems abstract, but when we think of the water cycle, which passes through liquid, vapor and goes through the earth to the clouds, underground and overground, the universality of energy seems very real. Reiki is that: very real. Metaphysical and  physical.

Much like the River Ganga in India.

reiki ganga sm

How interesting it is, that when one is initiated and attuned to Reiki, the process can help to flow on earth. Even when we seem to  hover over the world in meditation or spiritual pursuits, Reiki can help us to walk the earth with dignity, grace, happiness, and a greater awareness and appreciation of the world around us. Reiki connects us to the world in which we live, and the life we are seeking to bring about, because it cleans the filters through which we experience the world and through which we sense ourselves, our relationships and the soul purpose of our life.

Water cleans. What happens next? Yes, the windows of the senses are cleaner, dirt get  transmuted, and some flows out. This is what is usually called the healing crisis. We need to keep Reiki-ing the self and allow the process to take place, not come in its way and feel the stress of the ‘crisis’.

A channel for Reiki learns to experience it for self-unfoldment and self-healing which then ripples out to harmonize the energy bodies, bringing clarity to  relationships. decisions, actions, emotions, feelings, intuition, and sense of expansiveness. One early rewards is clarity: many things that did not make sense, begin to inter-connect in new ways. Confusion turns to clarity. Understanding dawns.

It is a joy to experience Reiki – as healer, receiver, teacher or student – we are all channels for universal energy that clears and cleans without becoming impure itself. Something we could all learn to do: to help without getting drained, to raise the vibration wherever we are, and to feel the inner smile that is our essence.

Invoking all hands All hands have a healing touch As a mother, a father, a child, an elder. Hands are a Divine gift

Invoking all hands
All hands have a healing touch
As a mother, a father, a child, an elder.
Hands are a Divine gift