Move that frozen shoulder – with Sujok

When I was first introduced to Sujok, I saw the seeming miracle of my 85 year old aunt’s frozen shoulder recovering with just massage, moxa and seeds  on the – no, not shoulder – but the correspondence of the shoulder on the arms and hands.

The look of joy at that time was followed by forgetting a few weeks later of what had been done. It wasn’t old age forgetting – it’s what happens when Su Jok, the system of healing devised by Prof Park Jae Woo, touches you. Not only does the pain vanish, but even the memory of the pain. I have seen it happen again to much younger people. That’s as it should be – but after once acknowledging in gratitude what nature is capable of.

Here are some correspondence points which communicate with the left shoulder and can therefore be used to help heal it.

left shoulder correspondences

This is just a small taste…there are more ways of reaching that shoulder which are more effective than touching the injured shoulder itself.

A Sujok therapist helps a person in pain or imbalance on that path of healing with Sujok, and so can the books written by the Professor – but ultimately, and always, it is one’s own consciousness that heals. Sujok is not ‘just’ for pains and ailments, it helps upgrade your consciousness.

 I came to realize, through my own experience with an injured back, and seeing people of all ages and ailments getting that indescribable look of joy on their faces, that Sujok  is truly a paradigm of healing for the new consciousness that is dawning.. It can help lightworkers walk the earth, and the earthbound to soar, for it knits together timeless healing techniques with  emerging ones,  and seamlessly connects mind, body, life with soul.

You may find that you went in with a pain in your shoulder and have walked on to your life’s purpose. Something just gets set right, and it’s not just your shoulder! Why? Even the shoulder has layers you may not have thought of, but whose knowledge is within your body and mind. We just have to shine our awareness on this:

Examine the ‘shoulder’. At the level of body it has many layers – muscle, bone, nerves, blood vessels and others, unseen to our eyes but shown to us by technology.

Metaphysically, It has 6 meridians giving energy: Small Intestine, Large Intestine, Triple Warmer, Heart, Lung, Pericardium/Brain, unseen but potent.

Metaphorically, we shoulder burdens, lend a shoulder to someone in pain, or stand shoulder-to-shoulder with one another. No wonder shoulders can get disjointed, frozen, injured, stretched, strained, at any age.

Can a frozen shoulder be ‘just a body pain’? When my aunt’s frozen shoulder freed up, her hearing improved automatically, her face cleared, she could open the door and not feel housebound or dependent. It’s no coincidence if you examine the course of the small intestine meridian, usually implicated in shoulder pain:

small intestine meridian

Now you’re feeling that miracle, right? See the organs and glands this flow of energy affects, and you start feeling that the miracle is that such wonders are in our body and we don’t even give thought to it.

The body is a temple – not just because some sage or divine being said so – it is your own body showing you when it cries out in pain and then heals with your awareness, acknowledgement and tending.

What’s the best way to heal it? In ways that resonate with it – not those that blunder about, trying to find a cure and bludgeoning healthy cells that come in their way.

Use seeds. Color. Palm leaf. Micro-magnets.Finger ki.Meditation. Taiji. Twist Therapy.Smile. Nothing invasive or ingested.

We haven’t even touched upon chakra energies, emotions, triorigin forces…..

Intrigued? Dip into the ocean of Sujok therapy. Wherever you touch the ocean, you have access to everything that the healing waters contain.

 All know that the drop merges into the ocean, but few know that the ocean merges into the drop  ~Kabir

Sounds like ages ago, the wise ones knew about the coming of Sujok healing.

smile ocean

via A paradigm of healing for this new world on Sujok therapy website.

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Are you ready, shoulder? Start moving!