New moon~ free your energy

New moon or the night of the dark moon is on September 13th. Align with the energies by:

*letting go- clear, forgive,  and  become conscious of the higher self
*prayer ties -Free your energy – move from – from hooks to threads
*meditation – move into wordless prayer
*sharing – connect with others who are in harmonious vibration with you.

In our Tuesday circles in Miami,  we will share our week, our experience, inspiration and message. What a joy it is to have a smile sangha of friendship.

tuesday circle1

Remove the chords that bind and connect to the people, places, animals, and things in your life as threads of light
Remove the chords that hook you to your wants, wishes and desires, throttling their energy. Convert them to prayer ties and see them for what they are: guideposts in our path of unfolding.
The guardians of the directions, angelic, ascended, elemental, are here to support and inspire us.
In loving light
Tuesday circle